Thursday, September 5, 2013

Brian's Big Idea...

This morning, Brian and I headed to the Paoli Hospital and the two of us sat in the small children's waiting room so I could tell him the BIG news.  Watch this video to see how it went...

Brian is so excited about this project and feels so proud that it was "his idea."  He even said he can paint the room... if I lift him up because, "I'm a little bit little, Mama."  

The Emergency Room is thrilled that this is going to happen - and they are just as stunned as I am at the money that was so generously donated.  I am closing the donation site down at 8pm tomorrow night (Friday).  I do have to make some changes to some of the items that I originally chose  - some of the items, as it turns out, would take up too much space in the little room.  But the extra money will allow me to get bigger and better things - like a bigger wall panel that will add to my "ocean theme" in honor of Gavin's love of the ocean.  After a lot of thought and discussion with Ed, we have decided that any leftover money will be given to the hospital's fund development coordinator.  We will ask that it be earmarked specifically for that room.  If a toy breaks, they will have money to replace it.  If they want to purchase coloring kits (which they would have to keep behind the check in desk in order to monitor) they can use money for that.  Whatever they need for that little room, they should have the money to do it for quite some time, thanks to all of you.  Paoli isn't a pediatric hospital like DuPont is.  It's a local hospital that has a trauma level emergency room - and an amazing NICU where Gavin spent his first month.  The room is not like the Child Life Department at DuPont where they have tons of toys and a fish tank and people to staff it and lots of books.  It is just a small little room off of the main waiting room in the E.R.  But now, thanks to this Chasing Rainbows community, it is going to be a room that is larger than life... and filled with the spirit of my little boy.
After tomorrow night at 8pm, I am done.  There will be no more projects... except "Project Hope" who will require all of my attention come December.  While I appreciate all the emails and comments suggesting that I take my fundraising efforts nationally - or even globally - and help programs all over... and while I am flattered by your faith in me... I am done.  The things that happened - the "In Lieu of Flowers" charities... Gavin's Trust Project (which will remain open on my blog forever)... the Wish List Drive for the Gift of Life Family House... and this E.R. waiting room project for Gavin's Birthday are enough.  We had hoped to make a little difference in our community - especially with organizations that directly impacted Gavin and our family - and we did.  We had hoped to ensure that Gavin would have  a lasting, permanent legacy that was beyond this indelible electronic blog - and we did.  And now?  Mommy can rest.

I can't wait to show you the "before" and "after" pictures of this waiting room that WE - all of us - created.  Thank you.

Brian's first T-Ball practice was awesome.  He had SO much fun - even though he had no clue what was going on.  The majority of the kids seemed to know their sports - like what in the world a 'base' was.  Brian had no clue that he didn't know anything - he just had fun, and that's all that matters.  The two coaches that worked with him the most are a husband and wife team.  They are so patient and really know how to explain things on a four year old's level.  Brian kept throwing underhand, so he got some personal tutoring until...
...he almost-kinda got it.  Started off overhand and quickly switched to underhand.  But when he did a happy jumpy dance after he threw it... who cares?
His first time batting (outside of the backyard - we're not THAT bad) was pretty funny, too.
The first swing he hit it in the wrong direction...
But he quickly figured that one out!
Ed and I stood proudly on the sidelines and did a lot of giggling.  It's going to be a lot of fun watching Brian laugh and learn through this T-Ball season.  The "Pirates" first game is this Saturday!!

Thank you, as always, for loving our family.

And thank you to everyone on my Chasing Rainbows Facebook Page for your sweet comments as I post photo memories of Gavin during his birthday month.  It's bringing me a lot of comfort to find the photos... remember the story... and post them publicly.  Your enthusiasm means a lot to me.


  1. sounds all so wonderful kate. you definitely need some time to breathe. what an amazing community this is to support you all and gavin in this way. cannot wait to see the pictures! -Genevie (TX)

  2. Kate, I totally respect and understand when you say you are 'done'. Only you know what is right for you and your family. You have been able to do so much to honor your sweet boy and give back already. No doubt what you have started will encourage others to brighten their local waiting rooms and children's areas (in the US and beyond!), maybe in memory of a loved one or maybe jut a way to give back.Well done - can't wait to see the room! Katie Miller xx

  3. I don't know you, but I just know that you are a special person. Your love for your children and your husband just shines through your writing - you are such an eloquent writer. I think you have done absolutely enough to give back and to honor Gavin's memory. But, please don't ever stop blogging - either here or on Facebook - I just adore following your story - keeping Gavin's memory alive, seeing Brian thrive, and of course the much anticipated arrival of Hope. :) All the best to you & yours...


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