Sunday, September 22, 2013

Big Brother Class...

When Gavin was preparing to be a big brother, he dove into research right away.
Actually, I constantly talked to Gavin and tried to prepare him for the big changes that were about to come.  I hoped and hoped that something was sinking in.  Ed and I really only had one major fear - that Gavin would be in constant sensory overload.  He was a little sensitive around loud noises and... babies are loud.  We were both amazed once Brian came home.  Gavin was instantly in love... and it just grew and grew.  He was such a great big brother - and still is.

I never took Gavin to a "Sibling Preparation Class" because I knew he wouldn't really "get it," developmentally because of his young age.  But Brian - he is the perfect age to "get it" and today, that is just what we did.  Ed and I took him to Paoli Hospital - where Gavin and Brian were born and where we will deliver Hope.

The instructor was wonderful and so great with the group of kids in the class.  Brian was very, very quiet... taking it all in.  The instructor brought a photo book in of her own children - explaining everything... what newborns look like when they're born, the umbilical cord, what babies will eat, how Mommy will spend a few days in the hospital and what kinds of things big brothers and sisters can do to be helpful once the baby comes home.
After the class, we all took a tour of the maternity unit (which was recently renovated and is beautiful!!).  Brian got to see the kind of room I'll be in... and where he'll be coming to visit me and meet his sister for the first time!!

Then... in a hilarious moment... a nurse wheeled a brand new baby into the hallway for all the kids to see.  As it wheeled closer, Brian backed up into us more and more - like an alien was coming towards him.  He was equally mesmerized and terrified.
After a brief movie about Mommy having a baby - which Brian called "the longest movie ever" - he got to practice holding a "baby."  I don't know about you - but he looks like a natural.
Brian is officially certified to be a big brother now!!  As if we had any doubt.  He already had the best teacher in Gavin.
As we left the hospital, Brian said...

"Mama, I'm so excited that Gavin and I are going to be big brothers!"

Me too, buddy.
Me too.


  1. How cute is that class! He is going to be a great big brother!

  2. We did the same type of class with our 6 year old... she was SO excited. Our maternity ward had been renovated since her birth and it was AWESOME. I know that Brian will have the BEST time being a big brother! :)

  3. Dear Kate,
    That last photo of Gavin kissing baby Brian's ear is precious. I just love it.
    Praying that God would bless you and surprise you with joy today.

  4. I'm so excited that Brian and Gavin are going to be big brothers, too! So happy for all of these good things happening for the Leong family... :)

    Yours in healing...


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