Sunday, August 11, 2013

So, Where Were We?...

It's been a while.  How've you been?

I took a bit of a "unannounced" break over the weekend.  In case you didn't notice.  I was a bit fried, mentally and physically.  So I decided to do something novel and crazy.  I took care of myself.  I announced that I was sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday - and I did.  And Friday afternoon?  I took a nap.  I mean a real, serious - TWO HOUR - nap - IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!!  I drank lots of water and I ate lots of fruit and I balanced that out with lots of my favorite white cake from the Wegmans bakery.  Ed was finishing up his vacation this week and spent tons of quality time with Brian during my little breaks, for which I was very grateful.  I even had a night out Friday night with a girlfriend that was visiting from California.  Ashley and I sat at a local restaurant for hours chatting about everything... including her celebrity sightings where she lives in Burbank.  She sees Jay Leno drive past her house in his classic cars - and he waves to her!!  How cool is that? 

Friday was a very special day for us.  The three of us drove to Willow Grove, PA to meet with the photographer that took the photo of Gavin's Pier.  (Remember that incredible story??)  Gary Donnelly, of Donnelly Photography, invited us to his studio to pick up the photograph... and he had a big surprise.  He had matted and framed it beautifully for us - it was ready to hang.  The photograph was even more beautiful than I remembered it from that day on the boardwalk.
We stuck around to chat for quite a while and marveled at the connections made... the coincidences (or not) in the entire encounter... and how he had decided to forever call this photo "Gavin's Pier" before he realized that Ed and I have been calling it that since the day we sprinkled Gavin's ashes off the end of that pier and into the ocean below.

Gary is really the nicest guy.  He told us he's going to blow up and frame a photo of Gavin's fire truck to match the photo of the pier as a gift to us, as well.  And lest you think Brian left empty handed...
...Gary gave him a cool photo of some painted Hermit Crabs!  That's a big deal on the boardwalk - just about every shop sells Hermit Crabs and one is more elaborately painted than the next.  Brian thinks this is the coolest thing.  Except now he's wondering what Hermit Crabs are and why he can't have one.  Thanks, "Uncle Gary."  Ha ha!

Last Monday I had a little scare with Miss Hope that led me to the hospital for an ultrasound.  I probably overreacted to spotting and some cramping - but I'm not going to judge myself.  I don't want to have to deal with major anxiety by letting my imagination get the best of me.  And, lucky for me, my Obstetrician (who delivered all three of my children) and most of the people at the local hospital (where Gavin and Brian were born) know my history - and are very understanding and accommodating.

I am happy to say that everything was perfect.  She even waved to me to calm me down!
I feel so lucky with this pregnancy.  For this huge surprise... at 43... with so many things that "could" go wrong - it really has been perfect.  Every other pregnancy I've had there has always been some kind of concern - with Gavin it was his enlarged ventricles throughout my pregnancy... with Brian it was a a growth that apparently signified a major chromosomal abnormality that was not compatible with life.  You can read about that under the Brian tab.  And Darcy - the terrible cord accident.  But with Hope, every ultrasound has been met with "everything looks great" or "she looks perfect" or "she couldn't look better."  I feel so, so lucky.  And I'm so thrilled to be pregnant - I love being pregnant, despite all of the issues I've had along the way with all of my pregnancies.  I feel so extraordinarily blessed with this gift from Heaven that you wouldn't hear me complain about a thing - even if I had a thing to complain about.  Every little discomfort or ailment is another reminder of just how lucky I am.
I happen to believe that Hope has already met Gavin.  As a matter of fact, I think that Gavin is very involved with this pregnancy, on a spiritual level.  That brings me great comfort.

It's hard for me to believe that I am "officially" (but technically more than in my case!) halfway through.  I turned 20 weeks yesterday.  Tomorrow morning I will be headed back to the hospital for my "20 Week Anatomy Scan" - the ultrasound that checks Hope from head to toe and even internally... checking her heart and brain and more.  Sometimes they will do the 4D scan, too, so I can see her sweet face.  This weekend, Brian and I went to the Mall and picked up a recordable disc from "Build a Bear."  It's a tradition in our family to make bears with each child's real heartbeat inside.  Ed and I made one for Gavin... and Gavin picked out and made one for Brian... and now Brian will choose and make one for Hope.  He's very excited.

Thank you, as always, for caring about our little family.


  1. Thanks as always. Glad you had a restful weekend. And yes, the photo is supreme. Looks like he even made it his cover photo on FB...what a guy! take good care this week. breathe.

    us over here in Nevada.....

  2. I lost my second child at 27 weeks (we knew well before 27 weeks, he was extremely sick) and my next pregnancy was the absolute scariest time of my life. I must have had 10 ultrasounds- any time I spotted, I went right in, we did monthly checks just to make sure everything was still good, I had a fetal doppler at home that I got out at least once a day to check on him. We made it though! I delivered Shawn at 38 weeks, and he was healthy and huge and brought so much healing to our little family, just like I know Hope will do for you! A new baby can never replace, but they can bring joy and healing like no other gift. (((Hugs))) I love the picture of Gavin's pier! It's absolutely beautiful!

  3. Great idea about recording the heartbeat in the build-a-bear. Hope's ultrasound looks as though she is signing "Mommy" with her hand :)

  4. I think the little wave from Hope meant something like, "I've got this mom". And I really do believe she "has this" so you can continue to enjoy your pregnancy. Continued best wishes to you and your family.

  5. I'm so glad all is well with Hope, Kate. May that beautiful photograph of Gavin's Pier provide some soothing balm on your wounds...forever. I see those waves come crashing in and the light shining in the dark corners when you need it.

    My hat is off to Gary. I just looked at his fb page and saw some of his other gorgeous shots. He is getting a lot of love from your followers- pretty cool.

  6. As I've said more than once, being good to yourself is key during this time. You write this for you and we are just the recipients of an extra blessing when you choose to share it with us. I'm so very happy you took time for yourself!! I hope you will continue to build it into your schedule I also hope you and Ed can escape together regularly to keep that bond tight and growing, too. No one will be blessed if we neglect ourselves, because it will eventually lead to an illness and then we will have to take a much longer break. So glad you're playing it smart and I bet Ed is, too. God bless your family!

  7. I am glad you're meeting great people and enjoying your pregnancy no one deserves the best more than you :)

  8. Just a note from someone who has had experience with hermit crabs. They are NOT fun. They can stink, don't do much. Ours never changed shells just died. My daughter had one pinch her hand and it was a bit traumatizing trying to get the thing off while it was pinching her.

  9. In the last ultrasound photo, it looks like there is a hand holding Hope's little head. Coincidence?

    Katie from MN

  10. I am very happy this pregnancy is going well for you!! Prayers for a perfect last trimester.


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