Monday, August 5, 2013

Saying Goodbye on the Last Day of School...

Today was Brian's end of year celebration at school... but it was also a celebration of the end of his experience in his wonderful special education classroom!  It's hard to believe that this very shy little boy who only had a few words (that were rather unintelligible) transformed into a social, talkative and confident little guy.  
Ed and I watched proudly as Brian received his "diploma" from Miss Laura and laughed as all of the kids put on a musical show for us.  
I've said this before - but it is worth repeating.  Brian's teacher, Miss Laura, has set the bar very high for his future educators.  She was a HUGE part of his progress this year!  And, as you know, she was such a comfort to Brian... and to us... after Gavin died.  She put a lot of effort into supporting him through his grieving process.  
Miss Maggie, Brian's speech therapist this year - and Gavin's former speech therapist, too - was also a HUGE part of his progress.  She did so much for both of our boys - and was a special part of Gavin's funeral service.  At this point, she is family to us.  We're so grateful for her speech expertise - and her friendship.  And... can we just all agree that Maggie looks beautiful and glowing?  Why?
Because just FOUR months ago she gave birth to this beautiful little girl!!  Her daughter's name is Juniper Drew and she calls her Junie!!  Isn't she a doll?
Brian's school is run through the Chester County Intermediate Unit - the beneficiary of Gavin's Trust Project!  (Although, the trust project funds are earmarked specifically for multiple disability classrooms - not special education like Brian's.)  The Intermediate Unit really does so much for kids in our areas with mild needs to full care.  We are so grateful to have had both boys benefit so much from their programs.  Tomorrow I will have an exciting update about Gavin's Trust Project!  

It's never easy to choose just the right teacher's gift - but lucky for me, I had a little help from Miss Laura's sister who told me about her obsession with Disney!  
Brian picked out a collectible Disney figurine by Jim Shore - it was Winnie the Pooh holding a bouquet of flowers.  I wrote in her card that Pooh was the most appropriate for her... it was Pooh who said:

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."


  1. A beautiful heartfelt thank you. And, yes, Junie is adorable.

  2. I love when parents take the time to share great teacher stories. Teachers rock - and it is wonderful that you appreciate them!

  3. We recently went through this saying goodbye to my son's preschool. It was so very hard to say goodbye. I wish I had thought of what you said! I did tell them how lucky and grateful we were to have our son spend his early years there (he was there for 3 years).

  4. Your writing goes straight to my heart...every day! Thank you for sharing your gift and your family.

  5. What a bitter-sweet day it must have been for all of you.


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