Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Last Day at Sandals Negril...

We made the most of every moment today!  Please don't hate me, but after breakfast I took a nap in a comfy lounge chair under an umbrella just steps away from the crystal blue ocean.  One thing I did notice today - I'm exhausted.  And the heat started to get to me a lot.  Then I started to wonder, "Have I felt Hope move today?" and you know how it goes from there.  Ed and I came back to the room... I rested for a few hours... downed a ton of ice water... and reminded myself to breathe.  (I eventually did feel her!)

By the time I felt better, it was time for our snorkeling adventure!!  We took a boat out to a private area and were let loose.  I brought a throw away underwater camera but we won't see those photos until they're developed.  Does anyone even remember those days??  When you had to get film developed??

Lucky for us, the boat captain had a professional underwater camera and got these shots of us...
And after we got cleaned up and dressed, we decided to let another photographer take some more!  There really is nothing that I can do with my hair in this weather - curly girls, can you feel me?  But you know what?  I don't care.  I'm so happy to have photos with my handsome husband... and some special shots with Hope.
Tomorrow morning we leave for home and it will be an all day journey.  We can't wait to get home and see this happy little face!  
We will be so happy to be home... but we're definitely leaving a part of our heart in Negril.


  1. Hope, hope is doing ok..

  2. LOVE! You look radiant, mama. No worries about hair.
    And you all look like you're really enjoying the snorkeling!

  3. I go away for a few days and you go to Negril? LOL I agree with Mel, you look radiant, and glowing, and like you are having so much fun! So happy for you both!

  4. Your belly bump is so adorable! I think your curls are SO PRETTY!!!

  5. Kate, CurlyGirls rock! You look mah-velous, by the way. You should check out the book Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey. It will change the way you look at (and wash!) your hair.


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