Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day Two at Sandals Negril...

Today is our second day at Sandals Negril.  After sleeping in (which is the best part of any getaway) and having a delicious breakfast, Ed and I parked on the beach.  Our "butler" had reserved two chairs right in front of the ocean with a cooler of ice water between us.  We sat under the umbrella and this was our view for quite a while.  Until we fell asleep!
The water was beautiful and we floated around together for a little bit.  And then I parked myself again and watched Ed.  I decided to take a cute photo of my cute husband...
...and he was photo-bombed by "The Bamboo Man!"  Bamboo Man strolled up and down our beach singing songs for us.
There are several options for things to do outside of the "all inclusive" aspect of this resort.  Today I took advantage of one and treated myself to a maternity massage at the "Red Lane Spa!"  It was wonderful and very relaxing.  Although it is always a little concerning when the massage therapist says things like, "Woah." when she encounters giant knots in your body.  What can I say.  I have a little stress.  

After my massage, Ed and I went swimming.  Our butler must have noticed that we were out of our room, because we came back to a heart on our bed, flowers and candles everywhere and a bubble bath drawn.  I can't remember the last time I took a bath.  I have to admit - it was nice!
There were a couple things I was worried about before I got here.  We've never been to an all inclusive and I think I had in my head that it would be more of a "party atmosphere" with lots of drinking and loud nights.  It couldn't be further from the truth.  There are all kinds of couples here - young, old, "partiers" and hermits like us.  We have been enjoying peace and quiet - boring days and early nights - and we couldn't be happier. 

Having worked in the hospitality industry - as a front desk agent in a hotel and a flight attendant - I notice good service.  I am so impressed with Sandals.  I don't know how they do this, but most everyone remembers our names!  We'll be walking down a path and hear, "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Leong!" or "Hi Kate and Ed!"  And it's not just us - it seems that this is their "thing" as I've noticed them remembering other guests' names.  There are little touches everywhere that make this such a wonderful experience.  Like tonight at dinner when we were taken to this table by the water...
This really is a lovely place.

Meanwhile, back at home, Brian is having the time of his life!  Today he spent the day with Aunt Bean, Uncle Jim, and his cousins Shannon, Brendan and Claire.  They took him to their community center playground and pool and he had a blast!  Bean made my night by sending me lots of photos... but for some reason I'm not able to share them!  She copied them onto a word document and I can't get them onto my blog.  Waah!!!  So, until I get home - you'll have to take my word for it.  He is having a lot of fun - and from the pictures, it looks like his cousins were having fun too!!


  1. Wahoo! You deserve it! We have always wanted to go to have inspired us to plan it. So glad you are having an amazing time. Rest, rejunvenate and enjoy!

  2. Such a well deserved break. Please enjoy yourselves and try to completely relax. Looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures in Negril!

  3. Sleeping in rocks (especially in a bed someone else makes)! Enjoy every second!

  4. Looks beautiful and ooh so relaxing. :)

  5. Enjoy YOUR and Ed both deserve every minute of relaxation you can get!
    PS I agree that the best part of any getaway is sleeping in and not waking up with anyone else in your bed! ;-)

  6. Awesome. Beautiful. Wonderful. Enjoy!

  7. We spent our honeymoon at the Sandals Grande Riviera Resort in Ocho Rios and I have to agree- the service was phenomenal! Enjoy your time in paradise (I'm only a little bit jealous ;)

  8. We stayed at sandals for.our honeymoon as well and they really did a wonderful job with everything. We have been to two all inclusive and its really a great vacation


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