Thursday, July 25, 2013

Celebrating Beginnings and Endings and Everything in Between...

Lately I have been focusing on beginnings and endings... the sad version.

But I'm lucky enough that I can also see and celebrate all the other beginnings and endings... and everything in between going on in our home.

For Brian, today was the celebration of both.  He had his last "real" school day in Miss Laura's class.  It is a sad day, for sure, as we'll never get a teacher quite like Miss Laura.  (Remember the book she adapted for Brian to help him through the grieving process??)  But it was a happy day for all of us because we were able to remember where he started - and how far he's come.

When Brian started in this classroom, which was recommended for speech services, he barely had words.  I wrote about his first day HERE.
He was so shy...
We made a card together to help his teacher get to know him...
Brian has grown up in so many ways over the last year and a half in Miss Laura's classroom.  He's obviously talking up a storm... but he also made new friends, learned new skills, and showed that he indeed was heavily influenced by his brother.  I loved hearing from Miss Laura that Brian took special interest in reaching out to his classmates that were alone or needed help with activities.  I'm sure he learned a special kind of compassion from having a brother with special needs.

We will be headed to the beach for our summer vacation in a couple days... and when we get back, Brian will only have two more days of school for the summer.  The first day is the end of year party (which I get to attend!  yay!)  and the last day is just a fun day.  Then he will have August free until he starts his new school in September!  His new school is a religious based pre-school in the mornings Monday through Friday.  And, lucky for me, Hope's birth will fit conveniently during his Christmas break!

Saying goodbye to Miss Laura will not be easy.  We are grateful for everything she has done for Brian and for our family.  She set the bar high for ALL of Brian's future teachers, that's for sure!!

Just take a look at these Before and After shots!!

There is so much to celebrate in the midst of our grief.  Brian is one GIANT example.  I'm so proud of what a sweet, funny and thoughtful little boy he is.  Celebrating his beginnings... his endings... and everything in between brings me much joy.


  1. I have no doubt that having Gavin as a big brother helped foster compassion in your adorable son. However, kids mimic what they see at home. And what Brian sees at home is an incredibly kind and thoughtful mom who is a sincere and compassionate cheerleader. Make no mistake, Brian learned to be that way from watching you. Good job, mom. :-)

  2. He's such a cute kid! It is always special to have great teachers caring and loving our little ones!

  3. He is just so gorgeous with that sly little cheeky monkey smile. He really has grown so much and become so very very brave. yay Brian.

  4. What a great idea to make a card to help a teacher get to know your sweet boy! I actually think I may employ that technique this new school year as my sweet 3rd grader will be sending another brother to college becoming an "only child at home". It will impact him, but he may not have the words and this will help her learn what is going on in his heart. Thank you!


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