Saturday, June 15, 2013

Brian's Half Birthday!...

Today we celebrated Brian!
Tomorrow, our little boy turns 4 1/2.  That's halfway to FIVE!!
(We celebrated today so we didn't collide with Father's Day!)  We have been celebrating half birthdays since Gavin was halfway to one.  Any chance we get to celebrate our children, we'll take it!

Brian had a great day.  He started off the morning opening all of his presents!  Naturally, most everything was Star Wars... except for a fun stop sign to use in the driveway.  A total impulse buy, but such a HUGE hit!!
We took some cute photos outside of the half birthday boy and the Dad of the year...
...and suddenly, a butterfly flew right in front of him and sent him chasing after it.  Yes, a butterfly.  It flew right in front of him.  It was almost like it knew that it was Brian's half birthday.  Hmmm...
At Brian's request, we spent the afternoon at Arnold's Family Fun Center - one of his (and Gavin's!) favorite places.  He hit the bounce houses, as expected... but he surprised us when he wanted to try something new!  Black Light Duckpin Bowling!
He and Ed played Air Hockey...
...and a video game.  Star Wars, of course.
We came home and I set up the Slip n Slide from last year.  This was such a huge hit with Gavin last year - and since it is a two lane slide, I could place Gavin on one side to play with the water while Brian jumped and slid down the other side.  It was definitely a wistful moment setting it up.  That is, until Brian started entertaining me with his prat falls and giggles!
The half birthday boy requested brownies over cake this year.  So I half made them.  Basically, I bought them already made.
Granny joined us for dinner and fun!
We had a great day celebrating our little monkey who is growing up way too fast.
We love you, Brian!!


  1. I love how you love Brian! (And of course, Gavin and Darcy and Baby Hope!)

  2. Happy half birthday Brian! And happy Father's Day to Ed tomorrow!

  3. Butterflies are a Christian symbol for rebirth, and American Indian's believe butterflies and birds are considered to be messengers from the spirit world. I'm sure it was no coincidence that Brian's half birthday celebration had one as a guest!

  4. Aww this is so sweet! You both are amazing parents!

  5. Happy half birthday, Brian. I *love* that you call him your little monkey that's what I call my little boy. Glad you all had a good day! Love and light from SC. ~Mary

  6. He's too cute! Also, while I know it's a random comment, I think your Mom is such a beautiful lady! :)

  7. Happy 4 1/2 Brian!

  8. Looks like he had a perfect day. Happy 4 1/2 years sweet Brian!

  9. Happy 4 1/2 Birthday Brian you're mommy and daddy love you so much every kid should be so lucky.


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