Thursday, May 30, 2013

Walt Disney World - Day Two...

This morning, after breakfast at the hotel, Brian had his first exciting moment of the day.  His very first bus ride.  It did not disappoint.  He must have told me four times on the shuttle from our hotel to Magic Kingdom, "Mama - I'm having so much fun."
We arrived at Magic Kingdom around 10:30 and just about 10:40 is when my waterworks began.
I was so emotional - it took me by surprise!  And then, as soon as we walked onto Main Street - a parade started.
Music and dancing and colors and energy - Gavin would have loved it.  I couldn't control the crying at that point and was glad it was a parade with many floats.  It gave me time to collect my sad self.
We all wore our Super G shirts in honor of Gavin.
Including Miss Sara!  
We got lots of questions from people - asking what the shirts meant.  It was always a struggle for me as to whether we should tell the story or not burden them with an awkward, sad moment at the "happiest place on Earth."  I would say 9 out of 10 times we told them about our Superhero, Gavin.

We had lunch at the Crystal Palace.  We weren't sure how Brian would be around the characters - whether he'd be scared of them, shy or excited.
I'll let the photos tell THAT story...
He was loving every moment of the experience.  He even got into asking them for autographs!
After we left the Crystal Palace, the skys turned dark and the wind started blowing - it was clear a storm was brewing.  We ran to shelter and stayed under cover until it blew over.  We all had ponchos, but none of us were interested in walking in the rain.  As an aside, I looked around for my fellow curly haired folks in this humid Florida weather.  Hardly saw a one!!  I'm guessing they were all the people with hats on.  (Note to self:  break out the hat tomorrow.)

Brian was very interested in seeing the Disney Castle.  I think he had an idea in his head that we could go inside and he'd see a house with all of his favorite characters living there.  He was slightly disappointed.  But I faked it when I brought him down a hallway and told him whose doors were whose, but they were out walking around the park and not home.  The poor child knocked on every (employee entrance) door in that hallway.  But he fell for it and can't wait to tell his friends that he was "inside Disney Castle!"
The three of us followed Brian's lead when he nixed the Alladin Magic Carpet Ride for a tour of the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House.  He couldn't wait to climb up to the top.
I couldn't wait to meet him at the bottom!  I was not wasting my energy on 500 stairs!  Miss Sara and I happily waved to Brian and Ed from below.
By this time - about two o'clock - Brian had had it.  He was tired from the (regrettably late) night before and very hot.  All he wanted was to go back to the hotel.  I was worried because I knew we had reservations at "Chef Mickey" at 6:40pm where he would meet Mickey, Minnie and friends.  I was hoping we could get him to rally.  I chose for us to go on "It's A Small World" - a calm boat ride in the air conditioning.  The poor kid was not impressed.  Every turn into a new room of countries I heard, "Is this the end now?"  I can't say I blame him - it is a bit of a boring ride.
Ed and I chatted after we got outside.  We reminded ourselves that we weren't interested in forcing Brian to do anything he didn't want to do on this trip.  Dragging him around to experience things if he was miserable would be selfish.  But we also thought it would be a big bummer if he missed out meeting Mickey Mouse.  So, while I went for a walk to Disney's "Guest Relations" - Ed, Sara and Brian waited for me in Tomorrowland.

Disney customer service is incredible.  I'm not sure how they manage to satisfy everyone, but it really seems like they do as a rule.  I explained our situation - how Brian really wanted to leave and our Chef Mickey Reservation was hours away.  Next thing I know, she changed our reservation for less than an hour from that moment.  I was so relieved... and grateful.  I ended up crying in front of the poor Disney lady.  I was just a mess today.

When I got back to the crew to tell them the good news, we all decided to go on the "Buzz Lightyear" ride.  I was shocked that Brian was for it - and we had just enough time to go on the ride before leaving for dinner.

Ed and Brian were the perfect pair shooting their missles at the aliens that were floating around in 3D!
Sara and I were in the car in front of them laughing our heads off.  It was hard to tell who was more intense about defeating the aliens - Ed or Brian!  They both had SO much fun.  It was the only ride Brian went on - and I'm hopeful that it will be fresh in his memory tomorrow when he'll have more rides like that to choose from!
We got to Chef Mickey's and were thrilled that Brian had found his mojo.  He was much happier and really, really psyched to see more characters.

We ended the dinner with a napkin twirling dance party and Brian was getting the whole room going!  Check it out...
I was so happy to end our day on such a happy note.  I know Gavin was right here with us the entire time.  I could see it in his brother's shining, happy eyes.
We got back to the hotel for a bath and a normal bedtime for Brian and he's been sound asleep for hours now.  I'm hoping a great night's sleep will help him attack tomorrow.  We've decided to go into Animal Kingdom with a shortened plan for the day and let Brian be the ultimate tour guide.  This trip has truly always been about him.  It's the ultimate Love Bomb from his Mommy and Daddy.


  1. Oh, Sweetie, what a day! So glad you are able to love bomb him in this way.

  2. <3'd reading this. <3 <3 <3 the photos!

  3. "Love bomb"...I love that! Fantastic term you've coined there and precisely what it is :)

    I'm so thrilled to follow along with your trip and the happy memories you're building (and sharing with us). I live down here in south Florida, about 2 hours from Disney, and we go regularly with our two girls (6 and 7). It's nice to 'see' it through your words and experiences too. I'm so glad that you all got to enjoy this happy time in the midst of your grieving process. I've no doubt Gavin is watching from above and smiling the entire time. He is there with you...always.

  4. You guys are rocking Disney world. What a great post. Love love love the t-shirts. They are wonderful. I hope that you have another great day love bombing Brian tomorrow. I also hope that the sad doesn't hit you so hard.

  5. i almost just can't take in the cuteness and joy emanating from your beautiful brian!

  6. Good For You! That's how I felt when I finished reading this. Good for you letting him lead the fun! And yes, Disney is the ultimate in customer service. HUGS!

  7. If you have time, you should do the Disney Jr character lunch at Hollywood and Vine at Hollywood Studios. It was the best character meal/experience we had! Oso, Jake, June from Little Einsteins, and Handy Manny. Hope tomorrow at Animal Kingdom is fun and meaningful!

  8. So glad to see lots of happy Brian pictures. A great break for you all.

  9. What a trip you're having! Re: the curly hair comment, my parents recently went on a cruise to Central America and my mom commented that they need to invent a new word for what happens to curly hair close to the equator ... "Frizzy" just doesn't do justice to the situation! Enjoy the rest f the trip - cant wait to read about Day 3.

  10. It makes me smile to see you all out enjoying yourselves and making memories. Gavin is there with you for sure. Smiling and laughing with you all.

  11. So glad he rallied for the dinner! When we do Disney, we arrive at the park's opening, stay until about 1 or so, then go back to our hotel until 5 or 6. The tickets allow re-entry to the same park on the same day, so our kids have a chance to recharge and stay awake for the fireworks.

  12. So glad Brians having a wonderful time at the Happiest Place on Earth. Try to see the Lion King show at Animal kingdom tomorrow if you can, its truly wonderful (and the a/c helps perk up little spirits). Love the shirts! We were at Dupont yesterday to see Dr Gripp and Gavin was on my mind all day.

  13. I'm happy to hear y'all are enjoying your trip together.....and I vote for telling everyone about Gavin. Everyone needs to know about that wonderful little boy , Gavin the Hero. He is an inspiration to me and to all that will hear about him.

  14. I love going to the Disney parks. Looks like a fun time for Brian. The "G" Superman t-shirts brought me to tears. How sweet they are. ((HUGS)) I know he was there with you.


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