Friday, April 5, 2013


It's hard to top yesterday's blog post.  Unless, that is, you have freakishly adorable photos of the stars of this blog.  Forgive the photo dump before I go on...
Brian is quite the character.  He has been since the start.  But lately he's even more precocious, inquisitive, charming and manipulative.  I love it.  And I don't.  But I do.  Let me explain.  

In the morning when I eagerly walk into the boys' rooms to get them out of bed, Brian's chatter is adorable and cute and funny!  He has questions!  I have answers!  He has witty comments!  I laugh!  He says sweet things to me and his brother and Daddy and Miss Sara!  I smile!  It's wonderful!

The day goes on.  It's, "Why does your hair look like that, Mommy?"  Because that's how I did it this morning, Brian.  "But why?  I like it when it's the other way.  Why didn't you do it that way, Mama?"  Well, I don't know!  I just didn't.  "But why didn't you?  Maybe you can do it now."  This is when I cleverly change the subject to stop this continuous line of questioning.  Hey Brian, let's have lunch!  I'll make you a sandwich.  "Why are you using that bread?"  That's the bread we use all the time, Brian!  "When will you get me a new bread?  And why does it have that brown all around the outside?"  That's crust.  "What is crust?"  Ummmm.....the outside of the bread?  "What does that mean?  What's on the inside then?  Is this the crust that you say is in my eye in the morningtime?"  No, that's a different kind of crust, Brian.  "Why?  Why don't I eat that crust?  Can I eat that crust in my eye then?  Why Why Why WHY WHYYYY??????"


(But he is so, so hard to resist which makes it much more bearable)
By 4pm the morning infatuation with his chattiness has dimmed.  I still try to treat every question he has with respect - he's just a little boy and he's just trying to learn.  But inside (and please admit you've felt this way too so I don't feel like a horrible person) - just sometimes - I want to say....... please, for the love of God, be quiet for five minutes?  That's all.

So much for that "speech delay," right??

Today was a very exciting day for the Gallagher family.  My sister, Meg, and I helped my Mom move to her new home!!  She's not officially there yet.  The movers brought all the big stuff - and we brought and unpacked a lot of the little things.  Her apartment is starting to look like a home already!  Seeing your childhood home empty fills me with one feeling:  pride.  We lived the heck out of that house.  And we are leaving so much for the new family that will move in.  There is good karma tucked into every corner...every beam...every floorboard.
And we are all so thrilled to see our Mom start a new chapter in the amazing book of her life.


  1. "Why?" "Why?" "Why?" Oh, yes, my gal is there, too! By the time Daddy gets home to relieve my bleeding ears, I'm pretty much answering the questions with, "Because it just is!" :-)

    Love my gal, love her curiosity, but my battery runs down long before hers does!

  2. My eight year is constantly talking or making noise. She has Aspergers and frequently hums and makes other noises too as a way of calming herself down. Pair that with my five year old little girl and her great descriptions of everything going on and there is constant chatter! One day at the grocery store I opened a freezer door and when I stuck my head in to get something, all I heard was blissful silence inside... Apparently I stayed in there a little too long because my neighbor saw me and started laughing hysterically. She knocked on the door and asked if I needed any help!
    We all feel what way and even though we are amazingly blessed to have these little ones in our lives, there's nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional silence :-)

  3. I just have to remind myself over and over, that one day my house will be all too silent.....


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