Sunday, April 7, 2013


The weekend started off well!  I spent all Friday with my Mom and my sister, Meg.  We're slowly moving my Mom into her new home, so there was a lot of carrying boxes, unpacking boxes, finding new homes for the contents of boxes, laughing and reminiscing.  We accomplished a lot on Friday - but there was still much to do.  I came home with matching straw hats for the boys from Granny's recent trip to Disney World with my brother and his family!
Saturday was the guys' turn.  My brother in law, Greg, drove down from New Hampshire with a trailer.  He, brother Tom...sister in law Jim...and Ed packed up furniture and refrigerators and more and delivered it to all of our homes.  Sister Bean got the legendary kitchen table and chairs, lucky me got the fancy dining room set, sister Meg got dressers and chairs... we are all so lucky!  And so is my Mom.  I love how we're all coming together to make this process easier... efficient... and, dare I say, kind of fun.  (And proof that having a lot of kids is generally a smart idea in times like this) Next week my brother Mike will be down to assist me and Bean with the GIANT yard sale.  Once it's over, everything left will be packed up in a truck and donated...and the house will officially be vacant.  Hard to believe.

While Ed was out on Saturday, the boys and I took a trip to Barnes & Noble.  They had advertised a "Leap Frog" event with fun activities and time for kids to interact with the Leap Frog Tag pen.  The reality was - we were the event.  Me, Gavin, Brian and a lovely woman with a terrible cold who had no idea what to do.
We got really bored, really fast.  But we lucked out - because the lovely lady got really bored, too.  So, off we went to read books.  Brian picked out books for Gavin...
...and Brian found a fun Star Wars game that he has been obsessed with since.
Unfortunately when we got home I noticed that Gavin was "off" and had watery eyes.  I thought for sure we had begun the usual allergy season we deal with every year.  But then he spiked a fever of 102.  Poor kid has the cold that has been making it's way through our house.  Brian...then me...then Ed...and now, Gavin.  It just figures that I was able to get him in to see a dentist at DuPont on Tuesday - an appointment that was NOT easy to get - and now he's sick.  I'm planning to hold my breath as I call tomorrow to see if they'll need to reschedule him due to his illness.  I will be SO bummed.

Fingers crossed!

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