Monday, April 1, 2013

The April Fool...

 All day yesterday I was dealing with a Fibromyalgia attack.  I put the boys to bed at their 7pm bedtime, and crawled into bed myself for the night.  Even after an almost 12 hour sleep - the alarm rang too early this morning.  I dragged myself out of bed at 6:45, trading a shower for a baseball cap and extra sleep.  I was looking forward to some alone time this morning with the boys back in school.

Miss Sara arrived at 7:15 and we started to get the boys up and ready for school.  By 8:30 we were outside and as each minute ticked by I got more and more anxious.  Where was the bus?  I had to get Brian to school on time...and back home to greet contractors that would be working all day here at the house.  By 8:35 I sent a message to the bus company... and by 8:40 I was putting Brian in the car and was going to drive both boys to school.

Suddenly Ed appeared in the garage and I heard, "Uh...Kate?  Don't the boys have off today?"  I rushed inside to look at the calendar.


Turns out, the April Fool is me this year.

I feel very fortunate that since my October diagnosis of Fibromyalgia that I've only really had a handful of attacks.  But boy, when I do - it sucks.  For me it feels like someone is squeezing every appendage - my arms and legs and fingers and toes - hard.  And my skin feels like I have a horrible sunburn.  Then the exhaustion - intense, bone crushing exhaustion.  Did you ever have a big, long cry - the kind that wipes you out and makes your eyes heavy?  That's how I feel, minus the crying.  But then all of the above makes you FEEL like kind of can't win!  But lucky for me - I have a sense of humor.  And cute kids that refuse to stop making me smile.  And Miss Sara who took the boys outside on the swingset for a while so I could stare at the wall and contemplate nothing.  That was nice.  Sometimes nothing is everything.

We did accomplish two important things today!  Gavin's speech therapist, Miss Whitney, asked me to videotape Gavin requesting a toy with his picture cards.  All last week - during Spring break when we had all the time in the world - he wouldn't do it.  Just wouldn't do it.  But today - success!  Here's the promised video:

And - in an amazing feat - we were able to get a urine sample from Gavin!  Actually, it wasn't that dramatic.  As it turned out, he was more than thrilled - giddy, actually! - to sit on our travel potty seat.  Don't tell anyone, but I sat the potty seat on a kitchen chair and put his video player and a toy on the table in front of him.  With his legs dangling in mid-air, there was less chance of him trying to stand up and walk away.  And it worked!  I'll be delivering the urine sometime tomorrow to the woman who did the Thermography testing on him.  Testing his urine will tell us if Gavin is overloaded with mercury in his system.  The results should be rather quick, so I can't wait to report them to you!  

If it turns out that the results come back "positive" - the only treatment is a family trip to Disney World by way of private jet.  Of course, Miss Sara would be required to come along as part of the treatment protocol.  And we'd all be required to stay (in separate rooms, of course) in the Disney Castle suite.

Now THAT is the kind of April Fools joke I can handle!!


  1. If you do make it down to FL to visit the House of Mouse I volunteer if you guys need a tour guide! Our little guy loves Disney so much we are hoping to get annual passes this year. Disney is hands down the most accessible park in Orlando.

    1. Brandi, what is the "House of Mouse?" Do tell! We can't wait to go to Disney!!


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