Monday, April 8, 2013

Dancing Man...

Poor Gavin.  I am back on the fence about the cold vs allergies today.  Yes, he had a fever...but only once.  Yes, his eyes are filled with mucous and very watery... but he isn't congested in his nose or chest.  I don't know what to think.  What I do know?  He looks awful.  Red under the eyes - red inside the eyes - and just... blah.  I kept him home from school - and tomorrow we will go to the dental appointment at the hospital (thank God they said it's still okay to come!) - and I guess I'll just play it by ear after that.  A bath today helped wash a lot of the eye mucous away, but it just keeps multiplying.  Brian's cold started the same way, which is why I'm still unsure.  Maybe Gavin has a true cold lurking around the corner.

This morning, while I paid some bills, I put a CD on for Gavin. Once the music came on, I watched with an open mouth and wide eyes while Gavin - for the first time EVER - started dancing!!  By himself!!  Check out these adorable videos...

Music has always made him so happy.  It's been the one thing that has consistently calmed him down, soothed him to sleep (sometimes), and made him so, so happy.  I love to think that he gets his love of music from me.  Lord knows he doesn't get his flexibility from either of us!
And Brian.  I love to think he gets his theatrics and humor from me.
Since I have two boys, I often wonder what my little daughter would have been like.
I suppose I'll never know.  But today, when I held up a photo  that I discovered among the mementos we packed from Granny's house (one I have NEVER seen before yesterday!) and asked Brian, "Who's this?"
He said, "Darcy!" without skipping a beat.  

My heart skipped the beat instead.

I love my sweet boy and my little dancing man.


  1. Maybe a little music therapy is in Mr. Gavin's future. I've heard it does wonderful things. My brother played Mozart and other classical music while his children slept. They all have quite the appreciation for music. I believe there was even a series of cd's for kids awhile back called baby mozart.

  2. Sounds more like allergies to me since he's not congested. I know allergy season has hit quickly and very hard this year. I have to take Claritin everyday. You could try that or Zyrtec. Benadryl works well too, but the drowsiness from it isn't enjoyable. But whether it's a cold or allergies, hopefully it resolves soon.


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