Thursday, April 4, 2013

Can We Talk?...

Before I get down to business - can you just look up?  Not to be a total braggart, but can you even stand how adorable the new header pictures are??  The matching outfits?  The poses?  I took all of the pictures and didn't pose ANY of them.  Brian stood that way on his own.  Can you stand it???  Okay...moving on.

I have big news.  And by big - I mean as big as the "Christmas miracle" that was Gavin beginning to walk.  Big - like when it happened, people cried.

As you all probably know, communication is an ongoing project with Gavin.  And a topic that is very emotional for me. I never know what Gavin actually understands - if he grasps the concept of communication using pictures or iPads or buttons or sign language.  We've tried so many different things with him and he's been inconsistent with all of it.

This afternoon, while making a Fluffernutter for Brian's lunch, my phone let me know I had a text.  The text was from Sara and it read:  "BIG DAY TODAY!!  Pick up will be extra exciting today.  Milestone day caught on video!"  My mind was racing wondering what it could be.  I couldn't WAIT to get to school!!  Brian and I pulled up in front of the Kindergarten Center and out came Gavin with Miss Sara and his teacher, Miss Megan.
The two of them were so excited to show me a video Megan had taken on her iPad in the classroom.

Two days ago they had shown Gavin a Big Mack switch (think of a Staples "Easy Button" that you can record your own message on).  It had a picture of the sink in the classroom taped on top with "I want water" recorded on it.  Gavin is SO motivated by playing with the water in the sink.  He was shown this switch a couple times and needed hand over hand assistance to touch it before they would turn the water on for him.  That was Tuesday.  Wednesday they didn't touch it.  Today, during PT with Miss Wendy, she had him walking to the sink - the Big Mack switch wasn't part of their therapy and was down the counter away from the sink.  Now that you have the background.... watch this video.  Without any prompting, Gavin initiated communication on his own.

Sara said he did this not once, but FIVE times.  No one helped him...prodded him...asked him, even.  He did this all on his own which tells me one thing:  He gets it.  He gets it more than I thought.  And I am a Mom who gives him a LOT of credit - so that should tell you something.

I hope you all realzie that this is such a big deal. We are so, so happy tonight.  As soon as we got home from school, I went online to a local assistive technology lending library and requested THREE Big Mack switches for home.  I'm so excited.

Before any of this happened, I had a whole blog post planned about Brian and how he's communicating lately.  Ironic, right?  I'll post that soon... along with all the other adorable photos from our Spring photo shoot.  Here's a couple sneak peeks...

As always, thank you for loving our family!  And thank you for cheering on our superhero.
  I hope he inspires you as much as he inspires us!!


  1. This post brought me to happy tears!!! I am so happy for Gavin! What an amazing accomplishment. I've never posted before, but I follow your blog and your Facebook page. I learned of you from the parents magazine contest referred by Rockstar Ronan. I find your blog deeply meaningful and incredibly beautiful. You are changing the world!! Keep writing.



  3. Way to go, Gavin. You rock, buddy!

  4. I got goosebumps watching that Kate!!! Simply incredible! The results from all the time and effort so many people have put into this little boys life to help hi accomplish these amazing things is awesome! But 1st and foremost if he didn't have such amazing parents who continue to invest so much in him things like this wouldn't be realized. He is a lucky boy-and you and Ed are lucky parents! Can't wait to see what else he has in store!!

  5. crying happy tears for you & your whole family. awesome!

  6. There is no telling what he will do next ... all in his own time! We still find this with our daughter and she's 21.

  7. you should be proud all that hard work that u did with the boxes paid off. Five is turning out to be quite the year

  8. Thrilled for all of us to read this!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This. This just made my morning! Hooray!

    ....and the pics are freaking adorable. Handsome boys you have there!

  10. WAY TO GO GAVIN!!!! As always thank you for sharing your life with us Kate! Your family inspires me daily, and that video just made my day!

  11. Happy tears! So proud with you!

  12. WOW! GREAT JOB GAVIN!!!! And as always thank you for sharing your family with us Kate! I'm so happy for you and your family. You inspire me daily!

  13. Oh my Goodness! Motor planning! Walking! Problem Solving! Communication! Complex thought processes! All rolled up into one marvelous little boy who just happened to be wearing his superman colors that day. :) Way to go Gavin! Congrats Kate

  14. Incredible. I have watched this over and over again. simply incredible. Way to go, Gavin!

  15. That's great!!!

  16. Celebrating this victory with you! Moving forward....

    Susan from GA

  17. Katy from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, CanadaApril 6, 2013 at 6:42 PM

    Hi Kate! *waves*

    My name is Katy and this is the first comment I have ever made on a blog. I wanted to write and tell you that Gavin inspires me everyday to be better and do better and go forth and be great!

    I cried when I saw him touch that button! I have an idea of how thrilling it is when kids get it. Not quite the same, but when I was a nanny I taught one of 'my' babies sign language. I started when she was four months old and when she finally signed at about 8 months (more, I believe) it was fantastic! I love the moments when they 'get' it in a big way and can interact more with their world in a meaningful way (for the rest of society, I mean).

    OH, and I would also like to pass on a msg to Sarah: Good work! I can imagine you are having the time of your life and soaking in every moment! From one nanny to another, keep up the good vibes! (Yeah, I know that was a little cheesy, but the sentiment is the same!)

    Also, before I forget, I wanted to let you know that I found you originally through a Christmas picture gallery on popsugar (maybe, I am not sure) and was intrigued by Gavin and his story. So I googled you (I swear, google is my new best friend some days) and have been sucked in! You, as a mom, inspire me also to do the best we can for our children (when I have them, I mean) and always fight for what we know they need.

    Wow! Sorry for the novel. Obviously, you have touched me in ways that I didn't even realize, as I did not mean for this 'comment' to become a novel :)

  18. I'm here from because she posted that Gavin needed prayers. Let me just tell you that I CRIED when he hit that button! That was amazing! I don't know any of your story, but I am praying for Gavin. Love wins.

  19. Gavin is amazing!! That's such great news and progress that he initiated the communication independently! I teach deaf children and one of my children in my class also has cerebral palsy. He's in a wheelchair full time, but it's just so amazing when they initiate something independently. Their milestones might look small to others but to us they're AMAZING! Sending prayers up for Gavin!

  20. I've been determined to catch up on Gavin's past as I was a late comer to your blog, I read this just now and broke down in tears. Realizing how far he had come and what a breakthrough this was for him! My heart just breaks for you everyday. I just don't understand what God is thinking sometimes..


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