Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This morning, while Brian was at school, Gavin and I got down to business in day two of "Mommy Boot Camp!"  We worked on the communication cards again... spent some time coloring (reluctantly) at the art table... and I ditched the crawling down the stairs idea and started teaching him to WALK down.  Yes, walk.  And do you know what?  He actually handled that better.  Once Sara gets back, I'll get it on video.  It's definitely something you can't step back and videotape on your own!!

I took a few videos of Gavin walking, too, so you can see his progress.  He's doing such a great job.  Believe it or not, he's an even better walker in bare feet or socks with treads.  But take a look at these two videos...

When it turned 11:15 and I announced, "It's time to go pick up Brian from school!" I heard a big squeal.  Gavin was so excited that his little brother would soon be home!

Then, in a moment I can only call "inspired by Martha Stewart on Pinterest," I created a piece of art I called a "sealed circle fluffernutter sandwich" for Brian.  Would you like my recipe?

Get peanut butter.  As long as your child isn't allergic.  If so, find something else.  Like fake peanut butter.

Get Fluff.  Or use what I use:  Gluten Free Ricemellow.

Apply both liberally...because that's how you're supposed to do it.  You can't have too much peanut butter OR fake fluff.

Take a small circle container - press down hard - cut around the container - and you have a sandwich that won't "ooze" and drive your particular kid nuts (so to speak) that doesn't appreciate sticky fake fluff fingers!

Be honest - you're impressed, aren't you?  Could I make it on Pinterest??  Should I send this to Martha Stewart??
Brian definitely approves!
As we sat at the table eating lunch, Brian said, "Mama?  Are we going to skip our rest today?" with a cute little tilted head.  He asks this question every day.  Sometimes, the answer is yes.  But today I said, "Not today, buddy.  Mommy's not feeling good.  I think we'll ALL take a rest."  He thought for a few seconds and then slapped his hand on the table, "I know!  How about you go take a rest and I'll take care of Gavin.  Then when you wake up, I'll have lots of water and tea down here for you to drink.  You need to drink a lot to get better."

He may have been angling to get out of his rest, but it sure touched my heart.  I love this child.

We did all take that rest, and when we woke up - as promised - Brian promptly filled up a cup of water at the refrigerator and delivered it to me.

The rest of the afternoon, we just played...and read books...and painted.  I took a video of Gavin and Brian 'playing' together that I wanted to share.  It's a little long (5 minutes!) but it gives you a great idea of how obsessed Gavin is with his little brother.  It shows how excited he gets - how much he laughs - and how he seems to understand some of the things he's told.  If you can spare a few minutes, I think watching this will make you happy!!

We ended the day in a non-typical way.  Usually, the boys and I have a dance party in the kitchen before dinner.  Today I decided - with my head pounding and feeling miserable - I felt more like a robot.  So robots we were.  
And we rocked it...


  1. Just a thought, Brian saying "home free". He might play tag at school with his classmates, when the kids get to a base or goal with out getting tagged they say "home free".

  2. cute, cute, cute videos. The ones of Gavin walking - WOW!! How cool is that?!? He's getting around like crazy! So cool to see! I remember hearing someone saying to me (when my kids were walking) that they learn to walk better in bare feet. I don't know if it's because shoes can get in the way (when they're lifting their feet or what), but my kids spent a fair amount of time walking around barefoot at home. But man oh man, he is a movin' all over the place, shoes or not!

    And the video of him and Brian - too sweet. Love to watch their interaction!


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