Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Try Some Jumping Jacks, People!...

I'm happy to report that Gavin's eye is fine.  Actually, it's more like huge and all encompassing relief.  If there's one thing I do NOT want to live through again, it's a corneal abrasion.  Oh - and also hearing the words, "Your son might lose his eye."

Gavin is not typical, as we all know, and that applies to pain tolerance as well.  Typically, a corneal abrasion would have most people (young or old) in excruciating pain.  That's not really true for Gavin.  His last corneal abrasion was so large - it was like a chunk was taken out of his eyeball.  He barely complained.  I'm not joking.  So we can't really judge whether we have a serious situation on our hands by his emotions.

Brian, on the other hand, is all about telling us every last feeling and emotion he has.  From the depths of his soul.  Especially if it involves someone (like me) denying him snacks before dinner.  Nobody knows the trouble Brian's seen.

Lately I have been up to my eyeballs in busywork.  I've been getting ready for the Spring "Just Between Friends" consignment sale which I participate in twice a year.  Before each of these sales, I have my own sale at home.  I advertise on Craig's List...people make appointments to come over...and they shop in my dining room where I have all the items set up.  I even have a rolling rack where I hang all the clothes.  I do this for a few reasons.  One, it helps me to organize all of the things I want to sell in one place.  Two, I can sell the things without anyone taking commission from me (which they will do at the consignment sale).  And three, the more I sell means the less I have to tag and schlep to the consignment sale!  This home sale was the smallest I've ever had - and I put every last baby item we had been holding onto in the dining room.  Including our high chairs with their matching custom made covers.  They are tough to say goodbye to!  My home sale is over and I am so psyched that I ended up making a little over $600!!  That's just selling clothes and toys and a few pieces of baby equipment!!  So now I'm tagging the leftovers for the big sale next week.  It's been easy to explain to Brian why his toys are walking out the door when I tell him that I'll be bringing home a new selection next week!

I've also been dealing with re-authorizations for Gavin's medicaid and home health services, which always takes up a lot of my time.  And fielding phone calls from therapists, most of whom I've never met, that are setting up evaluations with Gavin for his Kindergarten transition.  I love phone calls from people we've yet to meet that want to talk about Gavin.  Love them.  This means I can ramble on and on and wow them with one story after another about our superhero.  I don't mean to ramble... and I can't help it if they are wowed... it's just me relaying information about Gavin's life.  But, I do have one ulterior motive.  I want them to feel invested in him.  I want them to get excited to meet him.  I want them to also feel that they want the best for him... and to set him up for success.  The truth is, Gavin does have an unusual and inspiring life story already - and everyone that has been put in his path over the last five years has been touched by his journey.  I feel so lucky to be his Mom.  And all the busywork and paperwork and phone calls and insurance crap and all of it... it's worth it.  Compared to the work that he puts in every single day?  It's nothing.

Yesterday's post about the word "Retarded" inspired some rude, immature and - well - let's just say "uninspired" comments.  I deleted all of them.  And I don't feel bad about it.  I'm unsure why people want to go out of their way to block other people who are trying to do something good in the world (and I'm not just talking about my small post... there are lots and lots and lots of people who are hoping to convince people to drop the "R" word).  But the hate and vitriol and lame excuses are getting tiresome.  And, to be honest, they just shine a spotlight on the true colors of that individual.  So... I deleted all the comments and washed my hands.

Today is a new day - and I will end this happy, positive post with yet another public service announcement.  Please stay healthy.  And before you decide to write something hateful or mean on someone's blog - try some jumping jacks to get rid of your stress.

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  1. I love how you make even negatives into positive by saying "uninspired". A perfect perspective. I do hope that your mercury removal is going well- and that your darling boys and family have had a good day. I so enjoy reading of your adventures.


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