Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Save The Bunny Giveaway!!...

In a couple weeks, many of us will be celebrating Easter!  This will be Gavin's fifth Easter and Brian's fourth - and neither have ever had a candy filled Easter basket.  I've chosen, instead, to fill both of their baskets with toys and maybe a few cookies or organic lollipops.  I've never been a Mom who gives candy to  my kids.  It didn't make sense for Gavin, obviously, but I don't give it to Brian, either.  But let me also be clear - I LOVE candy.  I choose to eat mine in the closet while I'm hiding from the kids.  But, I digress...

When I think about last Easter, I can't help but say - "What a difference a year makes!!"  I had just found out that Brian had a nut allergy and gluten sensitivity!  If I had hoped to do a "traditional" Easter basket filled with candy, it would have been quite challenging.  Here is my post from last year so you can see what choices I made for their baskets.  They were both thrilled.  Last Easter was also right before our embryo transfer using an egg donor.  We all know how that turned out.  Yes, what a difference a year makes.

The increased traffic to this little blog has brought some interesting opportunities my way.  Companies have been contacting me with offers and giveaways.  I've never said yes to anything before - I thought it would change the vibe of my blog.  But I've changed my mind... and here's why.  It's really because of all of YOU that my blog is getting more exposure!  So, if things come my way that make sense to share here so I can pass on my good fortune to you, I will!  If something is offered that maybe doesn't make sense for me to write about - I'll share it on the Chasing Rainbows Facebook Page to share it with you there!  This won't turn into a blog junked up with ads or constant pop ups.  The only constant "ads" are the Amazon links to the side.  Do you know what they're for?  If you click any of those links to get to the Amazon site, a percentage of your total purchase goes into an account for Gavin!

This past weekend, I was contacted by Mattel.  Yes, Mattel!!  And they had a really fun, very timely and super exciting proposal for me.  They, too, believe that Easter baskets are healthier and inspire more creativity and play when they are filled with TOYS instead of candy!  They put together a "Save the Bunny" campaign and exciting sweepstakes and I'm flattered that I was chosen to be included with just a handful of blogs!

First - and especially if you're a "Bachelor" fan like me - watch this hilarious celebrity PSA:

So, here's the plan.  You can head on over to the "Save The Bunny" website where you can enter the sweepstakes.  Mattel will be giving away a toy a day to children of all ages between now and Easter... and one grand prize of $4,000!  You'll also find pretty decent coupons for toys like Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher Price - and fun Easter basket ideas.  (There's a really cute hot wheels one I may try to copy!)

And you can also enter to win the grand prize - shared across the handful of blogs they've chosen, including mine.  One lucky winner will win a deluxe Easter basket filled with toys! There's also ten second prizes that consist of a Hot Wheels Multi Pack or Barbie Madison.  If you win anything, Mattel will ship it right to your home!  Use the Rafflecopter below to enter.  (And no - I never thought I'd say "Use the Rafflecopter" on my blog.  But there's a first time for everything and if I can win you some toys for your kids, I'm in!)

And, thanks to Mattel - one of MY readers will win either a Hot Wheels Multi-Pack or Barbie Madison!  To enter for that, head on over to the Chasing Rainbows Facebook Page, "Like" it and you'll see the entry link!

Last year we had a pretty tough Easter...food allergies (that we resolved!), the first family visit to my Father's grave and a failed round of egg donation.  This fun giveaway is a boost for this girl this year! I hope you'll join the fun!

And please...please save the bunny.  Or else this might be "the most dramatic Easter ever."  (Couldn't resist, Bachelor fans)


  1. My, how fast you have grown from your Caringbridge to worldwide! Congratulations, Kate! Gavin and Brian are blessed to have such a dedicated Mommy; thank you for sharing your journey with us all!

  2. What a fun opportunity for your readers! Thanks for passing it along!

    Michelle Pence

  3. Unfortunately the video isn't accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. It would be great if you could make a policy that you'll only post commercial videos that are captioned, and let the companies know that. Mattel should know better, and they certainly can afford to caption their videos.

    1. Hi Paula!
      I'm so sorry - you know, that didn't even occur to me! I have written to my contact at Mattel. If they get back to me with an updated video that has caption, I will replace my current video. Thank you for letting me know!! I hope you enter the contest regardless! :-)

  4. Love the idea of the candyless basket! Plus, my little guys is obsessed with Hot Wheels :)

  5. Awesome! I love this :)

  6. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is so great! Thank you so much for offering this to us!

  8. Love this idea :)

  9. Wonderful for you to share with all your readers!


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