Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sailing Through The Weekend...

We've had such a busy weekend!  It seemed to sail right by!

On Thursday, after I picked Brian up from school, I surprised him with a "Love Bomb" date!  The two of us went to a local diner right around the corner from our house. I told him he could pick anything he wanted from the menu.
He asked for pancakes and strawberries...and that's just what he got.  This diner, "The G Lodge," has a bit of history in our little town!  M. Knight Shyamalan filmed a portion of his 2008 movie, "The Happening," in this diner.  Actually, I have been in line at Wegman's with Mr. Shyamalan's personal chef a few times.  Suffice it to say we have very different grocery orders.  
When it came time for dessert, the waitress asked Brian if he'd like ice cream.  She said, "Would you like vanilla, chocolate or strawberry?" and Brian paused for a second before saying with a big grin, "I'd like MOOSE TRACKS please!!"  We all cracked up - it came out of nowhere.  This child has never had Moose Tracks ice cream in his life!  Much to our surprise, they had it!  So.... Moose Tracks it was. Brian and I have been replaying "Vanilla-chocolate-strawberry-MOOSE TRACKS!" and giggling all weekend.  And then, on the way out, we put fifty cents in the crane game - the one that I am NEVER EVER lucky with - and Brian won a toy on the first try!!  It was such a fun date.
On Friday, Gavin, Brian, Miss Sara and I went for a long, overdue visit to Dr. Trish!  Gavin and I were treated in one private room - and Dr. Trish treated Brian in another private room while Sara stayed with him to watch.  This was Sara's first time meeting (and witnessing) Dr. Trish and she loved it.  At the end of the session, Dr. Trish told me she kept being led to Brian's mouth and asked me if he hurt it somehow or had been sick.  I couldn't believe it. He had just told me the day before that his mouth hurt.  I think he must have bit his cheek or his tongue.  Dr. Trish has such a gift.  Brian's mouth has been fine since!

The best part of the appointment was when I told her about our plans to remove the mercury from Gavin's system.  As soon as I mentioned what the medical medium had told me, she broke into goosebumps.  It just so happens that she is making changes in her practice to include homeopathy and treatments just like this!  And she told me she had just read a case study the night before our appointment about a young child that was on life support.  They were  making plans to remove support and let him die when an intuitive came in and diagnosed him with mercury and heavy metal toxicity.  They were able to treat him successfully - and he recovered.  

Nothing is ever by accident.  As you know, we have a long history with Dr. Trish and she has helped us so much.  I am going to have her monitor the supplements that Gavin is on (and me, too!) and we'll be going back to regular treatments with her during this whole process.  She also has connections with a woman who does testing for mercury and heavy metals.  I was all set to figure out how to send our blood and urine to a very expensive lab in France - but now I have someone local that can not only test us, but offer us guidance and support!  I'm so thrilled.

Ed and I and the boys spent most of Saturday out of the house.  The boys had their mop tops transformed from this... this!  The shortest I've ever had Miss Silvia go.  Total buzz cuts - even on the top.  I love it!
We went straight to Granny's house from there.  Ed helped her set up a new TV while the boys and I had fun scouring her house for treasures.  She's preparing to move and as she cleans out cabinets and closets and attics and corners, she is finding treasure after treasure.  In her dining room buffet, she found a teething ring and rattle that was given to me when I was born from our good friends in Maine, the Kilbreths.  If you can see, it has Kathleen Marie engraved on the rattle.
She also sent Brian home with a ton of treasures!  One of which was a Watercolor Paint set which he has been playing with all day today.
Hopefully he will inherit his Granny's artistic talent!  One of the other treasures...perhaps my favorite... was an oil painting she forgot she ever had!  She moved an old filing cabinet in the basement - and underneath, perfect and intact, was this gorgeous painting of her's!  I hung it in Brian's "nautical themed" room and it looks perfect.
Our entire afternoon today was consumed with cooking.  Together, Ed and I made 29 quarts of food for Gavin.  We made Yams, Quinoa and a Veggie Stew which contained parsnips, peas, carrots, celery, leeks, corn and the newly added cilantro as part of his mercury detox.  
Our house smelled amazing and I'm still shocked that our food processor didn't blow up.  We definitely put it to work today!  Gavin wanted to be part of the process several times throughout the afternoon.
Since we saw Dr. Trish on Friday, Gavin's walking has greatly improved.  It's quite shocking to us that he was just casually walking around by himself all weekend.  He just takes off!  Check it out...
I'm pretty confident that seeing him walking around will never... ever... get old.  

We are so lucky.  And we know it.


  1. Love the video!!!! Gavin is amazing!! A true super hero!!!!

  2. Awesome weekend!! So glad everyone is feeling well! What kind of Dr. is Dr. Trish? A naturopath? I'd like to find a local version of Dr Trish for my family if I can. She sounds like a blessing. I'm glad you had a fun weekend with your boys. Handsome haircuts!

  3. ps. and I'm glad she'll be keeping an eye on your copper levels! ;)

  4. Good post "...this beginning motion, this first time when a sail truly filled and the boat took life and knifed across the lake under perfect control, this was so beautiful it stopped my breath...”


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