Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Giving In...

I had big plans for this week.  With both boys off from school for Spring Break and Miss Sara back from her trip to Jamaica, I had all these great ideas for how to spend our time.  There was going to be crafts and a trip to the Aquarium and a visit to the Easter Bunny and more.  Tomorrow is Thursday and we've not done anything on my list yet.  Why?  Because of me.

I've been sick since early last week.  What I thought was just a cold coming on lasted all through the wedding weekend (making it not very fun to fly!) and continued to get worse.  Last night, as I sat in bed wincing in pain, I knew it was time to give in.  This morning I headed to the doctor and was told I have a double ear AND sinus infections.  At least that explains why I'm miserable.  I do hate going on an antibiotic, but I'm desperate for relief at this point.  What can you do...

Hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up feeling a little bit better!  We have eggs to decorate, a bunny to visit (although last year Brian wanted NOTHING to do with the guy!) and wild horses couldn't keep me from our Friday plans!  Friday is Gavin's 1/2 birthday!!  Can you believe he'll be halfway to SIX?  We'll be taking him to Arnold's Family Fun Center where he loves to go on rides.

This week I have an assignment to videotape Gavin using the communication cards I made for him.  Last week, when it was just me and the boys, Gavin did a great job touching the picture to request his books - and also his milk.  Now, with the pressure of getting it on video for his speech therapist - he won't cooperate.  Figures.

Brian loves to do this communication activity with Gavin and he jumped right in.

He even tried to help take pictures for me.
Although Brian could stand to work on his patience, he sure is a persistent teacher.  

If you need a good laugh or two tonight, check out these videos in order and you'll see Brian's patience wearing thin as he asks Gavin to "touch the picture"...

Take one

Take two

Take three 

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. The videos are too funny.

  2. That was fun to watch, wish brian could come to NJ to teach Ryan
    I think Gavin is playing him, I loved when Brian turned his back and Gavin went "bang bang" lol


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