Friday, March 29, 2013

Gavin is Five and a Half Today...

I've been saying it all day.
Gavin is five and a half years old.
That's halfway to six, you know.
That's "Kindergarten is just around the bend," in case you forgot.
My baby...who was so tiny and so fragile and so mysterious.
Who I held almost around the clock some days - gladly and gratefully.
He's now my child who barely stays still.  I'm even more grateful for snuggles because they come so infrequently.  Ironically, that makes me glad, too.
Our little boy with the not so promising future is now promising all of us that if we don't look away, he will show us all of the miracles inside of him.

Gavin is five and a half years old.
I've been saying it all day.
Happy Half Birthday, Bugaboo!

To celebrate, we went to one of his favorite places - Arnold's Family Fun Center!  Daddy took some time off from work to join the fun...
...which made his buddy, Gavin, VERY happy!!!
Miss Sara was there, too, and had just as much fun as the kids!
Sara and I both took turns taking Gavin on the Frog Hopper - one of his favorite rides.
Next door, Daddy and Brian battled it out on the air hockey table.
We hit the Merry Go Round twice...
...and then REALLY conquered the bounce houses and slides!  First, Brian and I climbed up and went down the slide together.
And then - in a miraculous feat - I climbed up the blow up ladder inside the bounce house with Gavin in my arms.  This will likely never happen again - whew!  But we made it!
...and just before take off, Gavin and I heard a little voice from way down below saying, "Wait for me!!"
Soon it was the three of us!
No Mommys were hurt in the making of this photo capture.  
The five of us ended the celebration with lunch (and cupcakes!) at Wegmans.  I'll spare you the fun story of Gavin gagging and throwing up very nonchalantly into a (lucky for me) convenient container right at the table.  Although it was a really fun moment of the day and only witnessed by us, thank the Lord.

We don't like to be dull on half birthdays, as you can see.  

I can't believe he's halfway to six.


  1. This was such a lovely many special family moments. God was gifting these very special memories.your words in this post are heartwarming and will cheer you forever.Gavin will always be five and a half.and didnt he have the best party ever! Jayxo

  2. Reading this makes my heart smile and ache at the same time. All the happiness. All the joy. All the love. And then you called him Bugaboo. My oldest son who is almost 9 has been our Bugaboo since he was very young. I don't even know how the nickname started. God bless you and your broken heart. You made a very special, very precious little boy.

  3. May God bless you as you reach out and cling to Him. He knows your every need and is just waiting for you to ask. Praise Him for Brian's good health and I pray this finds Project Hope in full swing!


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