Sunday, March 10, 2013


My absence over the last few days has been really refreshing.  Ed and I decided (pretty last minute!) to skip out of town for two days.  It's always when we do this that I am extra grateful for the amazing women in our lives that are happy to spend time with Gavin and Brian while we're gone.  Miss Sara and Miss Katja split the time and it sounds like they had a lot of fun with the boys!

Stealing away together here and there is quite nice if you can swing it.  We didn't do much of anything fancy... but we did reconnect.  An important thing to do when you're raising small kids.  At least to us.  We came home refreshed and recharged... and, unfortunately, to a sick little boy.

The girls reported that Brian took naps both days that we were gone.  That's pretty unusual - especially two days in a row - and there were no other "symptoms" - so I chalked it up to a growth spurt and assumed I'd be buying bigger clothes this week.  Then, twenty minutes from home in the car I got a call from Katja telling me that Brian felt warm.  I pushed my foot down on the accelerator and got home as fast as I could.  Sure enough... a fever of 103.2!

He was up a few times during the night.  Today, he's been pretty lethargic with no appetite, but no other symptoms except high fevers.  Looks like he'll be missing school for a few days.  Poor kid.

Maybe it was the fever - but Brian was overwhelmingly sweet to his big brother all day.  He kept seeking Gavin out to play and interact!
And, even more of a surprise - Gavin wasn't overwhelmed by Brian!  He loved every second of his attention and hung on his every word.
Looks like someone may be following in his Mommy's footsteps with the camera!
He even asked Gavin to say "EEEEEE."
After naps, Brian insisted we hang out in his room so he could read a book to Gavin and me.
It was such a sweet time.  Brian chose a book about a bunny - which, ironically, is MAJOR foreshadowing for an upcoming blog this week.  Stay tuned!
All in all - despite Brian's illness - it was a lovely weekend filled with heartfelt connections in our little family. 
 I hope you enjoyed your weekend, too.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog! And I always come back to one question... Where did you get your front facing bookshelf?? I've looked everywhere! Thanks for sharing your sweet family stories!

    1. book displays. I'm rather obsessed with my book displays, I have to say. I bought three of them from an online shop - I'm attaching the link below. They're made by Guidecraft, which it looks like this shop doesn't carry anymore. But they have a selection of other types of displays that you might like! Guidecraft you can by online and in some stores - mostly teacher type stores. I also bought my fourth one at Lakeshore, the teacher store. It was a floor model and it has a little scratch on one side so I was able to ask for a floor model + a damage discount! :-)

      I bet you're wondering - why in the hell does she need FOUR? Here's why... I bought one for Gavin's room when I was pregnant with him. Then I bought one for Brian's room when I was pregnant with him. Then I bought one for our playroom so we could have books in there. Then I bought one for Darcy's nursery when I was pregnant with her... and we all know the end of that story. So I have two in the playroom and I just put them together to create a "book nook" that the boys absolutely love.

      More information than you ever wanted? Probably, but there you have it. Here's the link to the Ron Jun E-Shop!

    2. Thanks so much!! Our house gets overrun with books- I easily understand that need for four! :) Thanks for the reply and for sharing. I'm a mom and pediatric OT, so your blog is right up my alley! :)

  2. Gavin is so flippin' cute! Of course, both boys are, but I love these sweet poses of Gavin!! Hope Brian feels better.


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