Friday, February 15, 2013

The Silent Type...

Over the past few days I've noticed two big changes in Gavin.   Really special and heartwarming changes.  

He is making more eye contact.
And he's been making new sounds.
Something big is going on in that brain of his.  I'm usually able to tell when a new skill is around the corner... and I believe this is the case now.  I don't know what it will be - but something is on the horizon.  I can feel it.

We spent some time on his iPad today.  I noticed when I'd ask him to touch something specific or gave him direction - he'd often look up at me.  Right in the eyes.
In a lot of ways, Gavin communicates with us.  I feel like I know him well enough to read his moods and actions without needing any words.
I do believe that Gavin will talk one day - wholeheartedly.  Without a doubt.  

Gavin's lack of verbal skills has been on Brian's mind a lot lately.  Practically every car ride home from school he'll say to me out of the blue - "Gavin can't talk, Mama.  Only Daddy and Brian and Mommy talk."  It often chokes me up.

This afternoon I snuck up on the boys sitting in the laundry room together.  Brian was asking Gavin which sticker he wanted for his shirt - a cupcake or a flower.
Then I heard, "Gavin, why won't you answer me?  Are you going to talk to me ever?  Come on, Gavin.  Say something.  I want to talk to you."
The silence in my home can be quite deafening.

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  1. Aw so sweet this post afirmed why you should win the most Likley Having You Reaching For Tissues award.

  2. You have me reaching for the tissues, literally!

    Again, thank you for sharing your family with us!
    I know Gavin will talk one day..... with You, Ed and Brian as his support system, there is nothing he can't or won't do!


  3. Oh sweetie :( I can totally identify with this. My 7 yr old doesnt understand what autism is, just that "Dovi can't talk". My husband sometimes jokingly says, "Dovi, why don't you tell me? Talk to me!" Dovi uses all kinds of sounds, a few signs, and points, but no speech at all. Eye contact is good and comprehension not too shabby, after 3 years of intense ABA therapy... but no language. He isn't getting PECs either. So Chaim makes up for the silence with his constant chatter. It saddens me every day that he doesn't have a little brother to play with... he has remained an 'only child' so to speak.


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