Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thank You...

Today is the last day to vote in the Parents Magazine Blog Competition...up until midnight tonight... and I have to say, I'm relieved.  I am tired.  I am grateful.  I am glad that it is over.  And I am proud that I accomplished what I set out to do - bring as many eyes and smart minds and tender hearts here to try to help Gavin.

My writing has always been about Gavin.  To be honest, I often feel that my life's purpose has always been about Gavin.  I was sent here - and he was sent to me - so we could heal each other.  And we will. And maybe in the process we will help heal others, too.  
There's something about this little boy with the sweet smile and the fierce determination that has captured more than just his family's hearts.  I feel honored to share Gavin with the world.  And I truly mean the world.  Here are some of the countries you all visit us from...

Having all of you here means more than just a rising visit counter and collecting flags.  It means I learn from other parents who have travelled this road... I learn from medical professionals with advice to share... and, most importantly, I am reminded that I'm not alone.  Having a special needs child can be quite isolating.  You all have been the greatest company - whether you've been here over the last five years or just the last five days.  

The added exposure here has gifted me with new friends, wonderful suggestions, interesting referrals and a list of different syndromes and disorders to present to Gavin's medical team.  One of the referrals was to a medical intuitive, Anthony Williams.  I just finished an hour consultation with him and it was fascinating.  (Please read THIS UPDATE before you consider contacting Anthony Williams!!! A LOT has changed since I wrote this post) He is sure that I have high levels of mercury in my body - and that I am highly sensitive to mercury, which is causing my medical issues.  He also said that the majority of my miscarriages (I've lost 9 babies to date to miscarriage) were due to mercury toxicity. (Darcy's death - my 10th loss - was a true cord accident) This makes sense to me.  In my twenties I was very sick and no one knew what was wrong with me.  I was so weak that at one point I had a short stint in a wheelchair.  Luckily, we have a family dentist who has a holistic approach and he insisted that my mercury fillings needed to come out.  Out they came - and sure enough I quickly got better.  Anthony Williams thinks that Gavin has the same sensitivity as I do - and suffered from mercury poisoning in utero.  He told me that it can cause birth defects and neurological issues and it's not something that would show up in chromosome testing and we never thought to test it through blood work before.  There are supplements I can start adding to Gavin's diet (and mine) to start pulling the mercury out of his system - and won't harm him in any way in the process.  He sees Gavin making tremendous progress... walking and talking and eating... and living a long life.  The way I see it, working on removing mercury from our systems is something we can easily do while we continue our conventional quest as well.  It can't hurt!  I will be calling Dr. Kang, our wonderful acupuncturist, tomorrow.  I bet she'll be able to muscle test Gavin and me for mercury - and maybe she can help us with balancing our bodies and removing it at the same time!
I am so grateful for all the love and support that has come my way because of (and before) this competition.  And I'm grateful to those who voted - some every single day!  I know how busy life is so thinking of you taking the time to click into a site and vote for this blog - it's humbling.  Thank you.

And I want to thank the editors of Parents Magazine.  Thank you for choosing me... the girl who uses "..." and exclamation points entirely too much.  The girl who pours out her soul and overshares on a regular basis.  The girl who used your competition to expose her son's medical mystery to the world without having him sign a HIPPA form.  The girl who tweeted Snooki to "Vote for Chasing Rainbows."  (I'm sad to report she never tweeted me back.)

I am grateful for the validation that you gave me along with the nomination.  Validation that I should keep on doing what I'm doing.  That I should keep on working hard to help my children be the best that they can be using any means possible.  Readers may reach for tissues when they come to this site... 
...but you should all know that the Leong family is reaching for the stars.
Parents Blog Award Finalist 


  1. That is so interesting about the mercury! And shame on Snooky-she's a Mommy now and should know how important this is. I really mean that but I'm not saying it mean! I knew I liked you for a lot of reason, Kate. I always go back and proof everything I write and take out about half of my "!"! But, it just doesn't read the same without them! See what I mean?

  2. That is very interesting about mercury.Maybe its genetic. Is it an offical diagnoses for Gavin or what?

    1. Hi Sasha,
      The way I'm handling it is to try to eliminate Mercury from Gavin's body and see how he responds. In the meantime, I'm still pursuing a diagnosis by conventional means. Wouldn't it be absolutely amazing, though, if Gavin has tremendous progress with the supplements that will (hopefully) remove mercury??
      We'll see!!

  3. I just came across your blog a few days ago, Kate. I am already in love with your Gavin. Although medicine has come so far, the human body still remains such a mystery. All I can offer is prayers...and, that, I do.

    Susan from GA

  4. Thank you, Susan! Welcome to the family. It's really hard not to fall in love with Gavin!!!

  5. The mercury thing isn't too surprising now that I think about it. It does seem to fit. But it looks like a lot of things have been that way. If you're looking for info, try googling "minamata disease". It refers to the 1950's epidemic of mercury poisoning in Japan. Testing for mercury levels is simple. It's either a blood test or hair test.

    I wonder if, if it is mercury, his level has been decreasing over the years. And as it decreased, his body was able to heal from some of the nerve damage that the mercury would have caused. Which could explain why he is doing better and better everyday and is constantly doing new things. Just a thought. I don't know if that's even possible.

  6. My fingers are crossed for a win for the blog

    1. My little guy cut me off lol. I was also going to say that I hope Chasing Rainbows wins the contest, but you and your precious little family is already a big winner in my book. Fingers crossed for a win and more answers for Gavin.

    2. Thank you to you AND your little guy! :-)

  7. If it is mercury you have to be careful how you pull it out. My girlfriends son had mercury and lead poisoning (measured by blood work) and she used chelation to pull it out. We are in FL and she went here:
    I know it is not close to you but I figured I will link it. I know Dr. Levinson has patients flying in from other states. Maybe you can find somebody like that in your area? Maybe he can recommend somebody? He is also a speaker at conferences so maybe he has connections?
    My girlfriends son would "dump" excessive amounts of lead and mercury after each chelation (measured by urine test). Good luck!

    1. Hi Alexandra!
      I'm not doing chelation therapy...just adding supplements and making some dietary changes. Thanks for the info, though!!

  8. Wow this is amazing. I was thinking of getting a consultation from Anthony William as well but being a college student the price for a session makes me nervous.


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