Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Share Your Heart...

As many of you probably know, I have a lot of love and loyalty towards CaringBridge.  CaringBridge is where my "blogging" began... in the corner of a hospital room next to Gavin's crib when he was two months old.  For the first few weeks, I used the site just to update friends and family to let them know how our very sick baby was doing.  But it turned into so much more.  CaringBridge allowed me to share my fears, my thoughts, my joy and sorrow...along with Gavin's health updates, his progress and the exciting day, months later, when he finally came home.
I thought that was where it would end!  But when I came home and we added nursing, feeding tubes, therapies, and multiple medical issues to our daily schedule - I realized just how important writing was to me.  It was my therapy.  It helped get everything out of me which, in turn, allowed me to be a happier, more positive Mommy to Gavin.  It also connected me with other parents who were going through similar challenges.  They even featured our family's story on their site.  (You can see that here)

I started on CaringBridge on January 24, 2008 and left there for this blog on May 31, 2011.  I am in touch with some of the CaringBridge folks periodically and am always more than grateful to support them in any way I can.

So, when they asked me to submit an entry in their "Share Your Heart" contest, I was thrilled!  Entrants  submit a photo or video and a short write up about a way they "share their heart" with loved ones.  In my entry, I explained how I  "Love Bomb" the boys.  You can read more about my Love Bombing days here.

Anyone is free to enter - and the entry with the most votes when the contest ends March 6th, 2013 wins TWO iPad minis!!

CaringBridge did not ask me to promote or share this on my blog.  If you notice, I very rarely (if ever) promote anything outside of our family.  I have a hard time saying no, so if I never do it at all - I never have to pick and choose who to say yes and no to.  Get what I mean?  But because CaringBridge has been such a big part of our lives, I am more than happy to share this contest here.

Click HERE to get to the voting page.  It will ask you to connect through Facebook.

There's one more thing...

If I am to win, I would like to "Share My Heart" with one of my readers by giving away one of the iPad minis here on my blog.  I don't know how I'll do it yet, but I want to come up with a contest of my own.  So, head on over and vote - the iPad mini could end up being YOURS!!
Oh, and this is also how I share my heart.  Nightly dance parties in the kitchen.  These boys have skillz...

While you're in the voting mood... don't forget to vote for Chasing Rainbows in the Parents Magazine Blog Contest! We're in the final stretch!!
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  1. It's a nice thing that you are wanting to share this mini ipad. What would be even nicer is if you would donate to a special needs school or family so that they can use it as an educational tool. Maybe for a nonverbal child. There are many families and institutions who cannot afford them.


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