Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Sweet Star...

Brian is the "Star of the Week" at school this week!  He's a star every day of the week around here... but this week he gets extra appreciation at school.  Today he got to bring in one of his favorite books to share with his class...
This Sammy The Seal book was mine when I was little, so it was extra special to me that he shared it with his friends today!
Gavin and Brian love books.  LOVE them.  And thanks to a long time reader, adopted Grandmother and retired schoolteacher... our wonderful Miss Barb... we have years worth of books.  Four bookshelves filled... and boxes and boxes of extra so we can keep switching them up to keep things interesting.  Miss Barb was looking for a home for her huge collection... and we were the VERY lucky and VERY grateful recipients!  Books are treated like gold in our house.

Brian has been "reading" to us lately which I love.  He tries to remember the story - or he'll make up his own.
 I especially love when he "reads" to Gavin.  They love hanging out together in the new "book nook" I set up.
I love when Brian does anything with Gavin.  It warms my heart when he tries to play with his big brother or engage him in any way.  But it means even more to me when Gavin sticks around and enjoys his brother!  Sometimes Brian is just too much - too loud - too "in Gavin's face" - and he crawls away as fast as possible.

The  mornings have been very cold here and we all bundle up and wait in the garage for the bus to come for Gavin and Miss Sara.  Gavin isn't keen on keeping mittens on, so after he is bundled in his coat and hat I wrap one of Ed's fleece jackets around him and tie the arms behind his chair.  
Brian is our entertainment in the morning and keeps warm by running around like he's on fire.
This morning Brian wanted to help push Gavin onto the wheelchair lift which just about made me cry.
I've been told that Brian is very sweet in school and helpful when some of his friends need assistance.  I hope this never changes.  I hope that having Gavin as a brother has already influenced him in the best and most empathetic ways possible.
My little star with a heart the size of his Daddy's.

Speaking of which...how handsome is Daddy in his new headshot for work?  
I love my little family.

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  1. Tears again! Wonderful post! And I just used your Amazon link and will let my family know as well. This will help me justify my Amazon habit! ;) Thanks again!

    1. Thank you so much for using Gavin's Amazon link!! It's such an easy way to build up his saving's account. We worry so much about saving for his future - mostly because we know he will need care for a long time, even after we're gone. Amazon is so generous to allow me to get a "cut" from every purchase people make through these links! Since I started it right before Christmas, readers have spent $2,271.28 on Amazon purchases. From that, Gavin received an easy $139.47! The percentage he receives will go up the more people buy. It's so easy - and it will really benefit him.

      Thanks again for your thoughtfulness!!

  2. That gave me goosebumps.

  3. I hadn't seen that video yet. definitely a tear jerker, in a wonderful way!


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