Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Funny Valentines...

First things first.  I owe America... maybe the world... a sincere and heartfelt apology.

I am not a Pinterest Mom.

Why an apology?  Because I can see what people search for on Google to land up on my blog.  Sometimes it's "Chasing Rainbows"... other times it's "Kate Leong" or some version of that name... "Cerebral Palsy"... "adorable children" (okay - I made that one up) and many other search terms that are quite curious.

But I get a TON of traffic from crafty Moms who search for the Chore Chart I made last year and even more traffic for last year's Valentines.  I gulp whenever I see them land here... because what they will find is not at all what they're searching for.  That chore chart?  We used it for maybe two weeks before it found it's home in the basement with all the other rejects from our playroom.  And the Valentines?  I felt so bad after making them last year.  Because that was just it - I made them.  The boys had very little to do with the Valentines for their friends.

So this year, the boys were very involved in the Valentines for their friends and family.

Brian took this very seriously.  The other day, the two of us sat down and he wrote his name and decorated the ten cards for his classmates, teachers, Daddy and Miss Sara.
He's getting really good at writing his name independently, so it was great practice!!
Then he dictated to me exactly what he wanted to say to each of his friends.  Like his friend, Josh. He likes holding hands and playing in the gym with him.
Some cards got a little... deep, shall we say.  But hey - the kid has a big capacity for love, what can I say?  I wasn't going to edit him - every card had a personal note from his heart.  You
won't find that on Pinterest.  It's too... simple.  And simple is what I do best.
I scrolled them up, put them in a dollar store bag with a Valentines pencil for each of his friends and VOILA!

Don't get me wrong, I love looking at Pinterest.  But I don't like to feel pressure to always have perfect crafts or perfect cupcakes or perfect birthdays... it's just not me.  

Getting Gavin to participate is not as easy.  He's not a fan of most things that seem like therapy.  So the hand over hand I'd have to do to write his cards or even help him draw on them is not fun for him.  So we went shopping!  Lucky for me, I have a spy in Gavin's classroom.  Miss Sara told me what Gavin's four other friends' favorite things were and we bought gifts accordingly for each of them.  One little girl got bubbles... a little boy got a truck... we  made it personal for each of them!
Tonight, my Valentine and I will be going out to dinner at the Capital Grille - courtesy of Miss Sara.  She gave us a Christmas gift for free babysitting and a gift card to this restaurant!

Thank you to all of you who continue to vote for me in the Parents Magazine Blog Competition!  It means so much to me to have your support.  The way I see it, the more exposure this little blog gets means the more exposure my little boy gets.  Wouldn't it just be the craziest thing if someone out there in the world saw Gavin and led us to a diagnosis for him?  Hey - my tagline is "A Mommy's Quest to Make the Impossible... Possible."  This is definitely true and why I am begging you so much for votes.  I am, as always, so grateful for the love and support from my readers!!

I'm feeling the love today!  Hope you are, too.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Parents Blog Award Finalist

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  1. Love your valentines this year! They look perfect!

    Until recently, I too avoided Pinterest because I was afraid I would feel inferior. But we are on a healthy eating kick (that I hope sticks) and my sister promised great new ideas. So I joined. She was right, I like it and there are great ideas. I can get sucked in. But I have promised not to feel bad that I cannot do the crafty stuff like your last years Valentines....I just cant. I dont have time. Id rather spend time with my kiddos.

    Great Job mommy! Hope you had a great dinner with your Valentine!


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