Wednesday, February 6, 2013


A lot has been happening around here over the last few days!  

After a weekend of illness in the house, with Brian feeling the worst, I decided to keep both boys home from school on Monday.  I was definitely taking Brian to the doctor - he was complaining that his mouth hurt and his ears hurt.  I saw white spots in his throat and for sure thought it was strep throat.  Gavin was acting fine - but my gut was telling me to bring him to the doctor, too.  You just never know with Gavin.  He rarely complains so I wanted to make sure he didn't catch what Brian had.

Sure enough - Gavin had an ear infection.  His right ear - the ear that lost its tube.  And poor Brian had a double ear infection.  I learned a lesson from the doctor, too.  He told me white spots don't always mean strep.  It could just be signs of a virus... which luckily was the case for Brian.  So both boys are on antibiotics and on the mend.  The doctor assured me that they weren't contagious and could go back to school.

Tuesday morning came around and we were all getting ready for school when Brian had an epic meltdown.  Big tears and hugging me and just breaking my heart.  I made the decision to keep him home thinking he must still be feeling bad, the poor thing.

Gavin was happy to get out of here!  We bundled him up and waited outside for the school bus while Brian snuggled inside on the couch.
It has been mighty cold here over the last few days!
I waved Gavin's bus goodbye and came back inside.  It didn't take long to realize that I had been completely manipulated.  First thing I heard was, "Here comes the tickle ghost... here comes the tickle ghost..."  
And then, "Let's play indoor soccer, Mama!"
Well played, Brian.  Well played.

I won't lie - I enjoyed my morning "playing sick" with my little faker.  I have a feeling I will see this act again over the years.  I can't imagine where he'd get this from.  I never did anything like this.  Faking sick to get out of school?  Who, me??

It is with great sadness that I report that "Ben," our special needs butterfly, has died.  We found him laying at the bottom of our butterfly pavilion.  Unfortunately, it turned into a crazy episode of "animal kingdom" after that with the other ones turning on each other, fighting and looking like they were going to eat Ben.  Just a few minutes ago I peeked in to see two alive butterflies... and one dead one.  Where is the fourth?  Did they eat him?  This beautiful butterfly experience has taken a dark turn.

Rest in peace, Ben.  Thanks for the memories.  I hope they didn't eat you.
I've been busy getting things ready for the Just Between Friends consignment sale I participate in twice a year!  I pulled up the very last of the baby things we had in the basement, including the high chairs, and will start tagging everything over the next few weeks.  This sale is always a lot of fun!
But for sure the highlight of my week so far?  Today when I picked Gavin up from school I suddenly saw him walking out with his teacher!  Not being wheeled out - WALKING!
The walking wasn't new... but something just struck me about seeing him walk out of school and up the ramp to greet me.  I'm sure I don't have to explain.
Thank you for all of the kind words towards Miss Sara after the Resignation post!  She told me she'll start her own blog so you can all keep up with her "Life After Leongs."  I bet it will be like a scathing "tell all."  I knew I should have had her sign a "Non Disclosure Agreement."  Damn it.

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