Monday, February 25, 2013

Fascinating Discovery...

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had contacted a "Medical Intuitive" named Anthony Williams. Basically, he's  a psychic who can tell you what's wrong with you. We wanted to see if he had any insight into what might be going on with Gavin. I'll admit that Ed and I are open to these types of things.  Sure, there are some quacks out there - "Boardwalk Psychics" and people who take your money - but there are also people who really have a special gift.  Not knowing which one we'd encounter yesterday - we really took a chance.  A $350 an hour chance.  We figured we had nothing to lose...except $350.

(Please read this post for an update in 2016 BEFORE contacting him!!)

Anthony Williams told me that he believed Mercury was Gavin's issue.  And mine, too.  That I passed on a mercury sensitivity - along with actual mercury - to him in utero.  That it caused neurological damage and even explained his features, or birth defects.  He told me his suggestions for supplements that I could give Gavin to help eliminate the Mercury slowly and safely from his system and he really thought we'd see great improvement from Gavin rather quickly.

I wasn't a total disbeliever yesterday.  But I wasn't sure I was totally "sold" on the idea.  I would definitely say I was intrigued.  The way I saw it, giving Gavin supplements and making small changes in his diet couldn't hurt him.  And I knew my next step would be to consult Dr. Kang, our acupuncturist immediately.  She has successfully tested the boys for allergies before and has not only been 100% accurate with her non-invasive muscle testing... but she helped me to ELIMINATE Brian's peanut allergy.  (Much to the shock of his traditional allergist)

After school today, Gavin and I headed to see Dr. Kang.  I explained the entire situation to her.  The blog competition - the influx of traffic - the tons of suggestions and referrals - the "medical medium" - and the mercury theory.  She seemed a little bit skeptical of the medium, but agreed to test both Gavin and me for mercury.  Sure enough - Gavin and I both tested for mercury.  First she had me hold a vial representing mercury in one hand while I held my opposite arm straight out in the air.  She pushed down on my arm with all her strength and asked me to try to keep my arm in the air.  I could barely keep my arm up.  Then, still holding the vial, I had to hold Gavin's hand.  She would test him using me as a surrogate.  This time, I had ZERO strength when she pushed down on my arm.  Looks like Gavin has it worse than I do - the mercury has to go.  Dr. Kang told me to get both of our blood drawn to test the mercury levels, so I'm looking into the best ways to do that.

Is this it?  Could this be the "diagnosis" I've been searching for?  I really don't know.  Ed and I are both on board with working to remove the mercury from my body AND Gavin's and see what happens - knowing it can't hurt.  In the meantime, however, I will still pursue other avenues and genetic testing.  It's very possible that Gavin has a mercury issue and a genetic disorder on top of it.

I've already started Gavin on the supplements today!  Anthony recommended that he take the following:

Liquid B12 - He told me that Gavin uses up more B12 in his nervous system because he has to work much harder than we do.

Liquid Zinc - This will support his endocrine system and boost immunity.

Hawaiin Spirulina Powder - This is to support his brain and nervous system.

Liquid Ginkgo Leaf - Not as a "memory booster"... but to support his neurological system.

Melatonin.  We have been giving him Melatonin routinely at night for the last two or so years and had no idea it had other benefits besides to help him fall asleep!  Gavin really needed assistance - otherwise, he'd be up every night playing in his bed until midnight!  Anthony said that Melatonin acts like an anti inflammatory agent in the brain.  It also helps repair nerve damage and electrical impulse issues.  I feel good that we might have been "helping" him without even knowing it!  Gavin also had a head start with nutrition thanks to Dr. Coralee Thompson.  I consulted with her when Gavin was a baby and she designed an entire nutrition and health program that he follows to this day.  She ended up writing a fabulous book that I highly recommend - "Healthy Brains, Healthy Children" - whether your child has issues or not!

As for his diet, Anthony simply suggested decreasing the fat somewhat and increasing sugar.  He told me that Gavin needs ten times the amount of sugar (natural sugar - not candy or juice) than 'normal.'  He expends more energy to do things and overworking his electrical impulses.  We generally add butter to every pureed meal he has - so we will just substitute that with applesauce.  He also told us to increase his fruit intake in general and to add cilantro to his veggie stew.

I've added "Zeolite" to my regimen.  I took the first dose this morning and - holy cow.  Let's just say it has already started to work.  Trust me.  You don't want to know the gory details.

These are all very easy things!  I'm really excited to see how Gavin progresses over the next few months.  I hope you are, too!

Over the weekend, Gavin shocked us by deciding to walk more than he ever has.  He was even turning himself around on his own to walk in a different direction!  I was too busy hovering over him to grab a video, so Miss Sara took one for me today.  Check out these two videos...and prepare to be amazed.

If Gavin is making this much progress now... can you even imagine what's ahead a few months from now?  I can't wait!

In other news... Brian has been kicked out of school!!
He has been attending a pre-school for help with his speech delay since January of last year.  He really loves it there - and we love his teachers, his speech therapist and his little friends.  But he really hasn't "needed" the extra help for quite some time, so the news didn't come as a shock to me.  I'm so grateful to his teacher, Miss Laura, and his speech therapist, Miss Maggie, for how hard they worked with and cared for him.  I'm currently "pre-school" shopping if anyone in the area has any suggestions or referrals!

I have a feeling before you know it Brian will be reading to Gavin... and Gavin will be complaining that he wanted a different book... and soon I'll be telling the boys to stop fighting with each other and to "keep it down"... and all my dreams will have come true in a big happy ending with a bow on top.


  1. Keep chasing those dreams, they are already coming true, one at a time. :) What school did Brian attend? Was it an inclusive pre-school?

    1. Thanks, Erin! Brian attended a classroom for kids who needed extra support in different areas (not a multiple disability - and not inclusive, necessarily) through our county intermediate unit.

  2. It's wonderful all the progress both boys have made! I love the videos! I've been following you for a few weeks now and love your blog (and yes, have reached for the tissues several times! :)
    I just wanted to mention the liquid zinc. In excess it can cause a copper deficiency, which can cause neurologic problems. I practice neurology (in adults) and we have seen this happen, usually from excess denture paste! Just so someone is monitoring your levels so you or Gavin don't become toxic.
    I don't mean to be a downer, just so someone is looking out for you.
    Keep up the good work Mama! You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Amy,
      Thank you for the information!! I'll keep it in mind. The Zinc dosage is literally one drop for Gavin. But you bring up a good point to monitor all of this with occasional blood work. I really appreciate that you took the time to write to me! And wow about the denture paste - I bet a lot of people don't know that!! I wonder if that can explain a lot in the elderly community!!

    2. Hi Kate. I am playing catch-up on your blog. I fell very far behind. I am so pleased you and Gavin got a mercury diagnosis. I often wondered if that could be an issue. I just left a career in natural health to be a stay at home mom of 3 boys. I wanted to caution you on melatonin for Gavin however. I can send you more info if you like but it can have side effects in children that it would not typically have in adults. Several doctors have been writing about the side effects of over use in children. It can actually have an adverse effect on sleep patterns, mood (irritability) and even cause seizures in children prone to seizures. I don't want to scare you just send a word of caution.

  3. Hello Kate!

    I'm trying to post a comment via mobile, and it didn't post so trying again.

  4. Have you consulted Anthony Williams again? I am considering doing a consult with him but at $400 a half hour I need to be sure since it is totally affordable for me. Any updated info would be super helpful.

    Blessings to you and your family.

    1. Pamela - email me! There is a "contact me" button on the right side of the blog.

  5. Hi Kate! I have the same question as Pamela above. I'm wrestling with what I believe about Anthony and his abilities. His rate is now $500 / 30 min. I'd be so grateful for an update... I emailed you via the contact button. 😊

    1. Jeof, I didn't receive an email. You can email me directly at Please do.

    2. I sometimes wonder how people that claim to have been given this kind of gift from God justify pricing themselves out of reach for so many people.

    3. It's gotta be the spirit of compassion that sets the pricing and Anthony just charges at these levels, duh! LOL

  6. $500 for 30mins phone conversation sounds scam to me and now you can have one of his new employees at half the price......hmmm they have angels speaking to them aswell then! Most of what is said you can find anywhere on Internet about diets and eating healthy and most people would probably benefit but some need actual medicine! Thing is when your truly in pain and want it to end you'll pay alot of money for it to end.... That's when suddenly the charlatans appear knowing there's cash to be had at the expense of the ill...... Question is is Anthony William the real deal I personally doubt it otherwise he wouldn't be charging such excessive amounts and telling everyone he has no medical knowledge and talks to angels!!


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