Thursday, February 7, 2013


This afternoon, while waiting in my minivan in the preschool pick up line, I read an email that changed my life.  Little ol' me has been nominated by Parents Magazine for their annual "Parents Blog Awards."  I know... I'm just as shocked as all of you.  I have always dreamed of being famous.  Looks like this contest is my golden ticket.

Immediately I picked up the phone to call Ed and tell him the news.

"Looks like I'm headed for fame.  I wanted to let you know I won't be cooking tonight.  We should probably look into getting a chef now.  You know, because I'm famous and all."

"Uh, Kate... you never cook anyway.   By the way - do you want pizza or Chinese tonight?"

Oh.  Right.

I came home and thought I should probably get to work.  I sat down at my computer to wait for what I knew would be an avalanche of congratulatory emails and phone calls from companies looking to have me do commercials or radio spots for them.  Because I'm famous and all now, you know.  Sure enough, I heard a voice...

"Mommy!  Come wipe my bum bum??  I went poopy!"

Oh. Fame is not at all what I thought it would be.

I was hoping to rush through dinner and skip bedtime stories just this one night - because, well, I should probably hire a story reader now that I'm famous and I better get on that.  I told Brian he could choose between a big cookie for dessert or a book at bedtime.  He chose dessert... and then I heard from across the kitchen table...

"Mama, I'm going to tell YOU a story.  Once upon a time there was a little boy who loved cookies and stickers and his Mommy.  The end."

And it all came crashing down.

How could I forget?  I'm already famous!  At least in this house and really, isn't that all that counts?  (yeah, I don't buy that either... but it sounds good.)

But I do feel famous just being the Mom to Gavin and Brian.
And I definitely feel lucky that every day readers from all over the world come to cheer us on.

Just this morning I was able to spend an hour in Gavin's classroom to observe his PT, OT and Speech.  He blew me away using his walker to get out into the hallway and then walk up and down the hall while cute Kindergarten girls waved and smiled at him the whole way.
And then he showed off getting out of a chair and walking over to the classroom sink with Miss Wendy.  If you are new here... this is something many people thought we'd never see.
Then I watched as he was pushed by Miss Whitney, his speech and feeding therapist.  He hates feeding therapy.  It's such hard work.  But he loves her. 

Gavin loves everyone.

Finally, it was his Occupational Therapist, Miss Ericka's turn.  She's pushing him to feed himself.  It's torture for him... but he does it all with a smile.

And when he's through?  He's rewarded with a blanket swing.
This time last year, Brian had, at best, four words.  And now, he's talking all day - every day.  I seriously get out of breath just listening to his stream of consciousness chatter.  I must burn about 1,000 calories a day just trying to keep up and make sure I don't say random "uh huh" or "sure" to the wrong things.  It's exhausting.  But amazing.

Today Brian said goodbye to one of his favorite people at school - his teacher, Miss Morgan.  She took a new job and today was her very last day.  Brian dictated a sweet note to me last night on the card we made for her.  He thought hard about the things he loved the most about Miss Morgan.  "I love when you hold my hand in the hallway at school" was one of my favorites.  I'm grateful for all Morgan did to help Brian learn and develop this year.  

She will definitely be missed!!
The category I'm nominated in is called "The Blog Most Likely To Have You Reaching For The Tissues."  If you're new here - having stopped by to see why I was nominated - I can assure you, it's not because of my writing.  And your tissues won't be needed because of any tragedies we've endured (and believe me, there have been quite a few).  The tissues are needed for the tears of joy.  Joy when my infant son came home after a month in the NICU.  Joy when he was welcomed home again after three months in the hospital as a baby.  Joy when his "permanent hearing loss" was miraculously restored.  Joy when we had an uncomplicated, perfect pregnancy and delivery of his little brother.  Joy when, after many miscarriages, we got pregnant with their sister, Darcy Claire.  Joy that we now have a personal angel in her.  Joy that our little boy who had such low tone he wasn't expected to even sit up... is now walking at five years old.  I really could go on and on.  The journey has been rocky, but the unexpected miracles along the way have made me feel like I've achieved all the fame and fortune I'll ever need.

So, about this contest...

Here's the deal - I am totally the underdog.  I need you, your Mom and Dad, your friends and enemies, your kids and neighbors and their Moms and Dads and... everyone pretty much... to vote for me.  You can vote once a day until February 24th by clicking the Parents button on the right side of this blog.  Or, you can click HERE to get there.  Or click the button below. You may have to "like" their Facebook page which is not a bad thing considering all of us ARE parents or HAVE parents, right? From there you just click on my blog!  I am up against four INCREDIBLE blogs - I am a fan of each of them.  Just being in this lineup is really such an ego boost, I have to say.  If I win, I would be featured in Parents Magazine which is beyond my comprehension.  
Parents Blog Award Finalist

Thank you in advance for your votes!!


  1. I am new here and did find you via your nomination. I am pretty sure you had a better day than most people with world wide fame can imagine. I look forward to cheering your family on as a new follower.

  2. Congrats Kate! I was so excited to see that you were nominated yesterday and I think I did a happy little squeal for you. Your nomination is very well deserved :)

  3. If you're the underdog, then I'm the ant crawling under that dog looking for some cast away crumbs. (-: Thank you for posing on my Facebook page. Of course I hopped right over to visit you, and I am now in love. You are an incredible writer with an incredible story to tell. It is completely MY honor to be nominated next to you! I look forward to following along with you in all of your famous glory. ( Everything and Nothing from Essex)

  4. Glendon of Momastery told us to come here. Watch your numbers rise!

  5. Glen on of Momastery told us to bite here. Watch your numbers rise!

  6. Posted by Motleymommy to Chasing Rainbows at February 8, 2013 at 1:17 PM

    I'm here on Glennons bidding as well. I'm already hooked on your writing and I'm already a fan! Go on famous mama, wipe those bums with pride!!

    1. I accidentally deleted your comment on my phone, Motleymommy! So I copied it from my email. Ha ha! Thank you so much - everyone - for your kind comments. Welcome to Chasing Rainbows! I hope you stick around!

  7. Off to go vote for you!! Hope that you win. :-)

  8. first time visiting and boy did I need a tissue! my vote is in.


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