Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Not So Terrible...FIVES?

I always hated the expression, "the terrible twos."  It seemed so rude and disrespectful to the poor child.  And it seemed like a projection of what the world thinks is "typical" behavior of a two year old.  You know - when they start to get into all kinds of mischief and trouble?

Well, I'm here to tell you - I have discovered that the "terrible twos" do not discriminate.  They aren't just for two year olds.  And, as it turns out, they are not so terrible.  At least in this house.

Gavin, it seems, is going through the NOT so terrible FIVES!!

Last night, as I took - ahem! - a bathroom break, this happened...

I wasn't gone very long (how long is just none of your business, thank you!) and before I left the room I did a sweep with my eyes.  You see, Gavin has been cruising the counters and the kitchen island looking for ANYTHING he can get his hands on lately.  He pulls it down to look at it, put it in his mouth, shake it and/or throw it.  Sometimes it's all of the above and in that order!  But last night I saw nothing that he could potentially ruin, break or hurt himself with - so I thought it was safe to go to the loo.

When I walked back in the room he had a tub of VERY concentrated lotion open.  He was laying in it - smearing it all over the floor and smiling.  I ask you - how in the world can that NOT make you happy?

First of all, there's the mystery of how he got the tub open at all.  Then, there's the whole sensory component.  He obviously loved how it feeled in his hands - and everywhere else!  It was everywhere.  Globs in his ear... in his hair... on his clothes... in his mouth... all over the floor... all over the glass front oven (which was really tough to clean!)... and all over the cabinets, counter tops and even up his nose.  He was SO pleased with himself.
I love that he's acting this way even though it really keeps us busy and on our toes!  Gavin used to be the easiest one.  If you left the room you could pretty much guarantee that he'd be in the same spot when you got back.  But this new Gavin is so much better.  I'm so encouraged that he's moving up the developmental ladder.

You can see the difference in him in this little video.  He's purposefully playing "Peek a Boo."  And when I try to change to another activity, he clearly shows me he wants something else!  Take a look...

It's been very cold and rainy all week.  I suppose we're experiencing London weather to feel closer to Ed while he's there.  He will be coming home tomorrow - yay!!
The weather has not been great for my arthritis, unfortunately.  Yesterday I paid a visit to my Rheumatologist and we are planning to get me set up on the Orencia infusions just as soon as our insurance authorizes it.  I've been having some pretty bad days.  A few mornings I was afraid carrying Gavin down the stairs!  My knees ached so bad - and he is so heavy and squirmy - I was fearful that one of my legs would give out.  It really sucks to have arthritis like this at my age.  I'm not that old!!
The boys and I have enjoyed our "alone time" this week... and I have lived a very envious single life each night while Ed has been gone.  Why, just last night I was in my pajamas and black socks mopping up lotion from my kitchen floor while listening to the Dixie Chicks.  

It's okay to be jealous.

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