Monday, January 28, 2013

The Important Issues in Life...

Gavin got his new Sure Steps last Friday!  It's hard to tell in the photo - but they have the Superman logo and Superman himself as the design.  They're very cute!  And they're also very big which meant I had to get him new shoes.  I instantly went on where I love to shop for shoes (when I have to shop for shoes).  They ship free and I can ship back returns free.  Very appealing to me because I hate going out shopping.  If I can try things on in my house  - I'm in.
So I ordered four pairs of shoes for Gavin to try over his orthotics.  It's not always easy to fit shoes over  these so I didn't get too attached to the ones I thought were the cutest.  Before I tried them on him, I put this photo on Facebook and asked my Facebook friends which ones they thought I would end up picking.  Which ones do YOU think were the winners?
Fashion is not something that comes naturally to me.  I could wear the same five things for five years and neither notice nor care.  It's probably not the best trait in the world - unless you're my husband who is probably thrilled he married a chick who hates to shop.

Tomorrow Gavin and I have a very exciting day.  We have an appointment with his Orthopedic doctor in the morning... which isn't the exciting part, although it WILL be very exciting to show off his walking to Dr. Gabos!!  He will be shocked.  Every time we go to see Dr. Gabos he has a student shadowing him.  And every time we're there he tells the student, "This child had the lowest tone I've ever seen."  He's amazed at the strength Gavin has now.  I don't think he expected him to improve so much.

After the appointment, Gavin (and maybe me!) will be part of a photo shoot!  The wheelchair clinic and the augmentative communication department are revamping their pages on the hospital website - and asked me if we could be part of their "Patient Stories" section.  The photographer will take photos of anyone and everyone - but only Gavin and I will be there.  Ed can't make it and Brian has school.  I'm on the fence if I should be part of the photos... or let Gavin be in them alone.  I don't want to feel like I'm leaving the rest of the family out if it's just the two of us... although it usually IS just the two of us at the hospital!  I clearly think too much.  Don't worry - I'm aware of this flaw.  They will also be interviewing me which I'm a little stressed about, too.  I'm not very eloquent and ramble when I'm nervous.  Come to think of it, I ramble when I'm typing too.  Sorry... am I rambling?

Anywhooo - I'm really so flattered and I'm very excited to be part of this!  But I need your help choosing what Gavin should wear.  It will be on the DuPont website for eternity!  Or at least until they get bored and change it again.  Either way - a long time!  Let me know - either in the comments section here... on Facebook... or through email... which outfit you think he should wear.

And yes - I know this is weird.  And yes, I really set out these outfits and took photos which is also weird.  And yes, I had fun doing it - which really is what matters.  And yes, I realize that this is not one of the important issues in life.  The important issue right now is that The Bachelor has started and I'm worrying about Gavin's outfits.  

The deadline for this is tomorrow morning at 7am!  I promise I will put him in the outfit that gets the most votes.  I can assure you that he looks adorable in all of them.  And no, I won't be asking you to vote on my coordinating outfit.  And yes, I'm kidding.

Outfit number ONE

Number TWO

Number THREE

Number FOUR

Oh, and if you're wondering which shoes worked the best?
THESE!  Well, kind of.  They definitely fit the best, but I decided to order several more pairs to try.  But these are the winners so far - and may end up being the ones we keep.  As a friend said tonight, if the shoe fits... wear it!
And when it comes to orthotics - it doesn't quite matter what the shoe looks like because boy is it hard to find a shoe that fits.


  1. I just want to say I TOTALLY get your sense of humor. You crack me up!!! I know Gavin will look adorable in whatever he wears. And I think you should DEFINITELY be in the photos with him. duPonts dynamic duo!

  2. outfit 1 it will match his new suresteps!

  3. I really like outfit #1..tough to beat Superman, but Gavin looks adorable in jeans so I am torn between #1 & #3. Ok, I'm voting for #1. Final answer, lol!

  4. I like outfit # 2.

  5. lol, my vote is #1 first and #3 second, and I see I'm not the first to say so. #1 for the symbolism, of course. (Oh, and the orthotics are cute!)

  6. The Sure Steps are so cute! My little guy's AFOs are just plain blue and he hates them so much. I had to bribe him with new Lightning McQueen light up shoes to get him to tolerate them. I love outfits #1 and #3. He's going to look adorable no matter what he wears, though :)

  7. Outfit #3 - and I guessed right on the shoes, so you should probably trust my instincts ;)


  8. I vote for #3. However, I know he will look great in all of them.

  9. Although I love the SuperMan outfit, I vote for #2. It looks like the typical 5 yo boy outfit!

  10. How did you get superman print?!?! My son was just fitted today for sure steps and no cool options like that.

    1. The company I used (Orthologix - they travel to your home and do in-home fittings!) and the gentleman that we used (who is no longer with them) always went above and beyond. I remember him telling me that the Superman logo wasn't in the little kids section - maybe they have an older kids design section? I can't remember exactly - but I didn't special order it. I'm sorry I'm not that helpful!!


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