Saturday, January 26, 2013

That's Just Gavin...

The last couple days have been quiet around here.  Yesterday it was just the four of us.  Gavin, Brian, Me... and the GIANT cold that has taken over our house.  Everyone is sick.  Daddy, Mommy, Gavin and Brian.  As usual... and unfortunately... Gavin has it the worst.  He's been running fevers up to 101.3 both days.  I haven't panicked about him only because he's eating, drinking and active.  He sounds really awful though.  It's ironic that we'd come home from our visit to Washington National Medical Center with a cold.  The nurse practitioner, Meganne, and I discussed having Gavin add a Pulmonologist to his list of specialists.  When I told her that he has a hard time managing his secretions when he's sick (and coughing like he is now) she said I should try to get him a "Cough Assist Vest."  The pulmonologist would be able to help me accomplish that.  He has used these vests before during hospitalizations and I seriously wanted to try to fit it in my purse on the way out.  I'd be very excited if I could get one for him.  And I really wish I had one now.  Until then, the percussion I do on his back with my cupped hand to get him to cough will have to do.  It's hard for me to sleep at night as I'm typically glued to the monitor.  When Gavin's sick, his breathing is terrible - and his apnea comes right back.  I usually have to go in and suction him multiple times.  My tricks when he's congested are to smear Vicks on the soles of his feet and put socks on... leave the Vicks jar open on his dresser for added vapors... and turn a cool mist humidifier on low along with his heater on low.  I know I don't need to tell the Moms out there - taking care of sick children when you are sick is the pits!

Yesterday morning we had a visit from Orthologix!  They came to deliver Gavin's awesome new orthotics!  He is still wearing "Sure Steps" - but in bigger size and a new design.  We chose the Superman logo which was transferred onto the plastic molds.  I mean what else would we choose but Superman?  So all day yesterday and all day today we wore them two hours on, two hours off to break them in.  Come Monday he'll be good to go to wear them all day at school.  New and bigger orthotics means new and bigger shoes!  I immediately ordered four different pairs to try from Zappos - they ship free and I can return the ones that don't work for free.  I love when I don't have to leave the house and shlep kids and strollers and such.
Brian has been a remarkably sweet brother over the last two days.  If he goes to the refrigerator to get himself a drink, he gets Gavin's cup and hands it to him.  If Brian and I are reading or playing and Gavin wanders off into another room - the slightest cough from Gavin will send Brian running.  "I'm just going to go check to see if Gavin's okay, Mommy.  I'll be right back!"  And, when he usually kisses Gavin he freaks out when his face gets wet from his brother's drool.  But yesterday he gave Gavin a big kiss - followed by a hug that he forced on him - and when I asked if he wanted a cloth to wipe his face off, his response got me a little emotional.  "That's okay, Mommy.  That's just Gavin.  His face is wet a lot but I love him."

Some days I'm honestly not sure how I got so lucky.


  1. Hope your family gets well soon. Your boys are too cute.


    PS I can comment now.

  2. Aww Brain you made me cry.

  3. Brian,
    You choked me up today. You are such a sweet brother.


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