Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pop's Chair...

The last couple days have been very interesting around here.  There's something happening with Gavin that has me very, very excited.

On Friday morning, Gavin, Brian and I headed over to Granny's house for a visit.  The boys ate their lunch at the kitchen table and Brian was very excited for Gavin because he got to sit in "Pop's chair."  My Dad always sat at the head of the table.
I know that my Dad is always around us.  And I'm sure that he is always watching over Gavin in particular.  They always had a strong connection.  So maybe, just maybe, some kind of magic happened as Gavin sat up so nicely in Pop's chair that morning... because the rest of the day he was "different."

I swore, all day, that he was trying to talk.  He was making vocalizations that I'd never heard before - with a little smirky smile - and looking me in the eye, which doesn't happen every day!  When we left Granny's house, we had a 35 minute drive to get to the doctor for Gavin's 5 year physical.  He "talked" the entire way there... and even sounded like he was singing at one point!

At the doctor, he was cooperative and pleasant - as always.  The nurse put us in a room that I hadn't been in since I was pregnant with Gavin!  Ed and I met the doctors there for an "interview" before we agreed to use them for our baby.  I mentioned that to the nurse and she said, "I remember that!"  There's no way, I told her - that was over five years ago!  She assured me that she did, indeed, remember - that they all did.  I was only a couple weeks away from delivering (I didn't even remember that!) and my enthusiasm for becoming a mother was infectious, she said.  
Even if she was lying, it really made my day.  And as we waited for the doctor, with Gavin doing his best supermodel pose, I happily recalled those days of innocence when I eagerly awaited the birth of our first child.  I was blissfully unaware of anything remotely negative that could happen. 

(Is this picture hilarious, or what?)
Dr. Kienzle was happy to see Gavin and his physical went very well.  He is 34 pounds and 39 3/4 inches tall.  Long and lean.  We chatted about how far Gavin has come.  As I had Gavin show off his independent walking skills, I remarked "Remember how floppy he was when he was a baby?  Many people thought he'd never be able to even sit up"  "I remember," he said.  We both nodded our head in agreement that Gavin's progress has been nothing short of remarkable.

Both boys got shots - a Hepatitis A vaccine - and didn't even flinch.  Quite impressive.

When we got home, we all went upstairs so I could put some wash away.  Gavin headed towards the bathroom - his favorite place because of all the opportunities to get into water - and I laughed as I watched him climb into the tub by himself!  Fully clothed!!
The best part, though, was when I told him that if he climbed out so I could get his clothes off that I would give him a bath...and he did it!  He really listened to me!
After the bath, he even stood still so I could spike up his hair with the hairdryer.
Today he's been doing a LOT of walking and talking - not at the same time, but I'll take what I can get!  There is something brewing with this kid.  Mark my words.

I think something has come over ME, too!  Friday morning before we left, Brian and I did some "faking" - which is what I call my fake baking.  We made Blueberry Scones.  You know, the kind where you peel the paper around the tube until it pops open?

The important part was that Brian had a lot of fun doing it - and he loved his scone.
As if that weren't domestic enough (and normally, it would be!) - today I made a huge batch of veggie stew for Gavin, I cut up my very first Pomegranate for Brian,
 cut a big bowl of mango and even made Parsnip chips in the oven.  I put a glass bowl filled with Pomegranate seeds out for Brian at lunch.  He ate one and laughed, "Mama!  You tricked me!  I thought this was candy!!"  And then he ate it up like it was.

I'm not sure what in the world is going on in this house... or what exactly happened to Gavin as he sat in Pop's chair... but I could get used to it.  Well, maybe not the part where I spend all day in the kitchen...but everything else.  

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