Thursday, January 10, 2013


Here's the thing about my body.  People generally think it's lying... or I'm lying when I describe it.  I've always had this ability to block out what I'm feeling and act fine.  When I complain, it's generally bad.  Knowing that I have a child who can't talk - but has a LOT to complain about - well, that will keep me from complaining about much anyway.  Truly.

That being said... this has been a rough week for this old body of mine!  I've been in one of those Fibromyalgia fogs and my arthritis has been acting up at the same time.  So basically I have felt like I've been trudging through molasses mentally and physically and saying "owie" with every click of my joints.  I've been in bed early every night - sometimes before 9pm, which is crazy!  And mornings are extremely insulting no matter how early I go to sleep.

But life goes on.  And a good life at that.  Not too long ago I found an old hammock chair I bought in the Outer Banks sometime in the 90s!  I hooked it up to our swingset in the backyard today and the boys LOVED it! 

Gavin was first.  I put a sheet under him so the fabric, which is probably pretty dirty, didn't give him a rash.
He was so cozy and comfortable, he nearly fell asleep!
Next, it was Brian's turn and he laughed and laughed and laughed...

After the hammock chair, I held Gavin as I sat on the regular swing and felt SO honored when he put his head on my chest and fell asleep.  Gavin rarely, rarely snuggles - and never falls asleep in your arms - so this was a big deal.

It's simple moments like these that get me through anything I might be struggling with - physically, mentally or emotionally.

And it's moments like THIS that put it all in proper perspective.  (Note - today was one of those extremely insulting mornings and I traded more sleep for wearing a baseball cap.)
 I'm so lucky to be the Mommy to these two little boys.

One of my New Year's resolutions - next to figuring out how to eat more cupcakes and stop aging  - is to get more active on Twitter.  You'd really be helping me out if you shipped me cupcakes.  But I'd settle for you following me on Twitter.  You can find the clicky link thing on the right side of my page.


  1. I am loving watching Gavin learn to walk! Thanks for sharing your sweet family.

  2. That is so amazing my little one started walking a little over a year now and it never gets old. I still can't believe it each day. You'll see Gavin will just get better and stronger at walking and then you'll be chasing him around the house. WTG Gavin!

  3. What you said about Gavin falling asleep on you really hit home for 4 1/2 year old son with spina bifida is the same - not a snuggler. Those moments are so precious, when they happen. Thanks for sharing!

  4. WAY TO GO, GAVIN!!!!!!

    Miss Barb


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