Saturday, January 12, 2013


Sometimes a metamorphosis is obvious.

Today the boys were transformed from shaggy... ultra hip and handsome!
Sometimes a metamorphosis is heartbreaking... in the best way.  I've been watching Gavin and Brian's relationship as brothers deepen and grow.  All day Brian wanted Gavin to stay still so he could give him a big kiss and a hug.
 Gavin finally gave in and made his little brother's day.
Sometimes a metamorphosis is literal.

Santa brought us a Butterfly Garden kit so we can watch the process of change from larvae to butterflies.
Right now they are caterpillars and have been spinning silk around themselves right in front of our eyes.  Brian is fascinated and can't understand how they are making themselves change.

He's too young for my philosophical answer - how we all have to make ourselves change many times during our lives.  I just stuck with "Ask your Daddy."  A much safer answer from me sometimes.

And sometimes a metamorphosis is brilliant.  It's a whole new beginning.  Yesterday I spent the day with my Mom and my sister, Bean, as we checked out what will eventually be my Mother's new home.  She's preparing to move to a wonderful retirement village nearby and we are all just thrilled for her.

This house was the only home I ever lived in before I got my first apartment.  I obviously have many, many memories from living there.  But as sad as it will be to leave... and as weird as it will be to someday see a new family move in to "our house"... I am so happy she is moving.
Watching my Mom's metamorphosis since my Dad died has been inspiring.  (But of course it was - we're Gallaghers and we all know how to rise from the ashes and walk on!)  She has handled herself with such grace during what had to be a heart wrenching first year.  Thinking of her moving to a new home where she can be surrounded by friends and activity and less housework... it makes all of her children so happy.  She can't bring the house with her - and she won't be able to fit all of its contents in her new place - but she can absolutely bring the thousands of happy memories that happened there because of her and my Dad.  They were the best "memory makers" for all of their children.  And she can leave that house with confidence that she created a happy, loving and stable home for five grateful children that didn't turn out too bad, the lot of them.

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  1. My mother moved three years ago from the home I grew up in and she was there 42 years. We were all so sad to leave there but would not ever go back. She has a smaller, safer home with a lot of new, wonderful friends! We now all call her other house the "memory house"! It fits perfectly! Praying that she will adjust well as she seems to do! Amy


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