Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Face Time...

This week, Ed has been in one of my favorite cities in the world - London, England.  When I was a flight attendant and flew international for two years, I went there once a week for close to a year and a half.  I was so excited for Ed when he told me he would be going there for the first time.  And not the kind of excited that meant - "I can watch all the girly shows I want all week with no complaints!!!!"  But I suppose that thought did cross my mind.

This week I've never been more grateful for technology.  Ed has "Face Timed" with us each evening before he goes to bed.  He gets to see the boys - and they get to see him!  Last night, Ed watched them finger paint which I'm sure was just as exciting as... watching kids fingerpaint over the phone when you're still pretty jet lagged.  
But, as Ed is, he was a good sport.
Brian enjoyed the conversation.  Especially when it turned into talking about money that he can add to his beloved piggy bank.  Check it out...
I'm grateful I married a man that is adored by his children.
And I'm grateful I married a man that adores his children even more.
And I'm really really grateful that Ed will take me with him next time he goes to England.  
Ummm.... right, Ed?

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