Sunday, December 16, 2012

Turning Four!

Last night, tucking Brian into bed, he was so excited.  He couldn't believe that he was going to bed three... and he'd wake up four.  This morning when he opened his eyes, he found a room filled with balloons!  We all came in singing Happy Birthday.  I can't believe my baby is four.
At times, I feel like I can't think of more ways to express how much this child means to me.  How I know he was meant to save me from despair after the shock of his brother's unexpected difficulties at birth.
Brian has been a "spirit lifter" from day one... and that hasn't changed!

I think it would be hard for anyone to not smile and laugh around this little boy.  His joy is contagious.  His laughter is contagious.  And his compassion and sweet nature is ever growing and evolving.
He's a thinker!  You can always see those wheels turning and he is very inquisitive.  I love that!  He loves books, like his Mommy.  He is a natural with a computer, like his Daddy.  And he's strong and brave, like his brother.

His birthday weekend has been so much fun!  And today, the celebration continued with a family trip to Build a Bear.  Brian was SO excited when he realized that he could pick out his own bear and personalize it.  And I was so excited when he was drawn to the blue bear - my Dad's favorite color.  It made me feel like my Dad was there, guiding Brian's eyes to that particular bear.  Then, he chose sounds and songs to put into the bear!  He picked "cool sayings" like "You're a good friend.  What's up?  Let's play ball!" and then a fun "Happy Birthday" song that inspires him to bust a move every time he pushes it.
He really got into stuffing his bear and followed the directions intently... you can see in this adorable video:
Brian named his bear "Boo Boo" and picked out a shirt for him that says 'Happy Birthday' - the whole experience made him so happy!

After Build a Bear, we went to the fountain in the middle of the mall - one of Brian's favorite places.  He LOVES to throw coins in there - and Gavin loves to splash his hands in the water.  And the trip ended with cookies and milk at Mrs. Field's.

After dinner it was time for one of Mommy's elaborate birthday cakes!  Angry Birds, of course.  I slaved all day on this cake - can you tell?
Brian was so impressed he couldn't even wait for me to cut him a piece!  Honestly, he is so easy to please.  Birthdays are not elaborate around here - yet he still proclaimed this to be "the best birthday ever, Mama!  Thank you so much.  I was so happy on my birthday!" 
It was a fun weekend with a fun little boy who brings so much laughter to our home.
I love being a Mommy.  I sure got lucky - and I know it.
Happy Fourth Birthday, Brian!!  You are the best four year old ever.


  1. Happy birthday Brian!!!

  2. Their birthdays are so much fun when they are old enough to realize it's their day and they know that they are older. I am so glad you guys had such a wonderful weekend and that you were feeling better in time to enjoy it. Tell your little man Happy Birthday from Arkansas!


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