Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Superhero Shopping!...

I apologize in advance for today's blog which is not about my family... but all about my family at the same time.

For the last five years that I've been writing (wow!), I have always been personally against "monetizing" my blog in any way.  Whether it was having ads or accepting products for review.  I never judged others for doing it... I just thought it would change the "vibe" of my blog.  But since moving from my original CaringBridge site to here - it went from free to, well, not free!  It's not a lot of money, but when I was hit with another charge recently it got me thinking...

Why shouldn't I make a little money off of my writing?  Or, better yet... why shouldn't GAVIN make some money!?!
I knew it had to feel right for me to do it.  I didn't want random ads that didn't fit our family.  Immediately I thought of Amazon.  I do SO much of our shopping on Amazon.com.  I'm a member of Amazon Mom!  I have subscriptions so we get things, like my Keurig Tea I drink every morning or baby wipes or vitamins, delivered every month or so.  And I LOVE being a member of Amazon Prime which gets me free two day shipping.  That is the BEST - especially when you need a last minute gift.  

Tonight I added a scrolling slide show to the right of the screen to show you some of the (many!) things I picked out for Gavin and Brian for Christmas!!  That slide show will change periodically.  Maybe I'll do a slide show of products that helped us deal with our infertility issues - ovulation trackers and books.  Or products I've bought for Gavin to help him in therapy - there have been plenty of those!

So, where do you fit in?  Well - any time you want to shop on Amazon, if you go there through any of the links that will always be on the right side of my blog and purchase anything - a percentage of your purchase will go into an account I've set up for Gavin!  I'm calling it Superhero Shopping!  I won't know what you buy... and it doesn't have to be anything I recommend.  Each time someone clicks any of the three Amazon links down the right side of the page - and then purchases anything from Amazon - he gets a percentage.  The more shoppers, the higher the percentage that Gavin gets!

Please spread the word about Superhero Shopping by sharing my blog on Facebook and Twitter and anywhere else!  And thank you in advance for helping us save "easy money" for Gavin's future.

(P.S. - It wasn't a requirement for me to gush about Amazon.  I am really so grateful for the convenience of that site.  It has made my life so much easier!!)

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