Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Safety First!...

Today was Gavin's inaugural run with his new wheel chair!  
We strapped him in and hooked his school backpack onto the back of the chair.
I had contacted the bus company over the weekend to tell them that Gavin had new wheels.  I was hoping they would send out their bus safety specialist, Cheryl, to meet the bus.  I have faith in the bus driver and bus aide, but I wanted Cheryl there just in case they had never seen that type of chair.  They were so used to his old chair - and I wanted to make the transition smoother as they figured out his new chair.
I love how safety conscious this bus company is!  And I feel grateful that they didn't think anything of sending Cheryl out to ease my worried mine!  As I watched the three of them surround Gavin to secure his wheelchair and belt him in, I saw a little smile on his face.
I think even he knows that they put his safety first.

Thank you, bus angels!!

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