Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Christmas Miracle...

Even Gavin rushed to the computer tonight - anxious to share the good news.
This afternoon... in the kitchen... with Miss Sara as our witness...
Four in a row!  Sara and I stood staring at each other in shock.  And then we propped up my computer, turned on his favorite movie as motivation and tried to get him to re-create the moment.  He did perform again for us!!  In this video you'll see him standing independently and taking a step or two on his own without me touching him!!

This afternoon, when Brian and I went to pick up Gavin and Miss Sara, Sara told me about something that happened on the playground.  They went out with the class and Sara put Gavin down to walk - holding both of his hands.  His latest thing is to pull one hand away and walk holding only one of our hands, which is huge!  But today, she said, he was fighting her holding EITHER of his hands - like he wanted to walk!  It really took her by surprise.  Little did we know that he would walk on his own that same night!!
Ironically, I'll be taking Gavin to the hospital tomorrow to pick up his brand new wheelchair.


I can't contain my excitement.  Ed, Sara and I won't soon forget what happened today... on December 12, 2012.  Our Christmas Miracle.

In other news (a little anticlimactic - but still really fun!), Brian had a really fun day at school!  This week he is "Star of the Week" and I went in today for a special presentation.

To celebrate Brian's fourth birthday this Sunday, he wanted all of his friends to have Angry Bird plush toys just like he has!  He wrote out tags (with help from Sara!) and decorated each bag.
And he hand picked a special bird for each of his ten classmates.
I came in with all the gift bags near the end of his day - when all the kids were eating their snack.  After Brian did his "Show and Tell" (he picked a toy airplane he loves!), he gave out the bags to each of his friends!
This is his friend, Alex, who was so excited - and so grateful for the gift!  
(Photo shared with her Mom's permission!!)
I was so proud of Brian's thoughtful and generous spirit.
But there was a bit of a Mommy fail at the end when he asked, "Where is my bag, Mommy?"  He loved giving gifts to all of his friends, but when he saw how excited everyone was (and boy, were they excited!) he wanted a bag for himself.  Should have thought of that.

His disappointment was short lived.  The whole way home he talked about each friend and how happy they were to get their bird.

I couldn't be prouder of BOTH of my boys tonight!!
I think 2013 is going to be a good year for the Leongs.

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