Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas To You...

We are having lots of fun today and hope you are, too! 

 I appreciate every single one of you that takes time out of your own lives to peek into ours throughout the year.  Your support, love, encouragement and investment in us means so much.  I don't take it - or you - for granted.
I hope you're all remembering that Norman Rockwell was only a painter!  If you stress about creating that "moment" you may miss the good stuff - the real stuff.  I'm writing this to remind myself... while I watch Gavin more interested in the tangled bunch of mylar balloons left over from Brian's birthday than any of his new presents!  But with the biggest smile on his face, how can I care??  Ha ha!!

I'll be back tomorrow with all the photos and videos from today!!  I'm off to watch a puppet show in the play room.

 Merry Christmas to all!

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