Friday, December 28, 2012

Four Year Physical...

The yearly physical.

This happens every day in places everywhere in the world.  Little boys and little girls are ushered into the doctor's office for check ups.
Weights are measured.  
Brian weighed in today at 37 pounds.  Five pounds heavier than last year.
Heights are taken.  
He's now 3 feet, 3 inches!
Eyesight is examined from near...
...and far.
And the doctor asks all types of questions.  How does he eat?  (Very well!) How many hours does he sleep? (Average: 13 hours/day)  Is he making friends? (Yes!)  What does he love to play with?  (cars, blocks, Little People, books, angry birds!)  

And then he gets examined.
Brian checked out just fine.  Actually, he looked great.  Despite his ticklishness, Doctor Forman was able to complete his examination.  He even took THREE needle sticks without even wincing.

Me?  I made it through, too.

It may sound silly to some, but Brian's yearly physicals are harder for me than any doctor visit for Gavin.  Sounds crazy, right?  With Gavin, I usually know what to expect.  And when I get bad news, I take that with a bit of a grain of salt - because you and I both know, Gavin is an anomaly.  Hearing loss?  Whatever.  May not sit up?  Phhhhtt. I'm walking now, dude.

But Brian?  He's a different story.

I go into his doctor visits with a smidge of anxiety.  I hold my breath and pray "Please, God.  Please don't let them tell me there's anything wrong with Brian's health in any way."  I'm sure every parent has that same wish or prayer for their child.

I don't speak for all - or even one - special needs Mom - just me.  But I will tell you in all honesty, I harbor a ton of guilt.  Gavin has his issues, Brian had a speech delay, Darcy didn't make it and so many other babies didn't, either.  It's hard not to take that personally.  So, I don't believe that my fragile ego - or my heart - could take any news that would begin with:  "There's something wrong with Brian..."

Thankfully, we checked another physical off the chart.

We, of course, celebrated.  Brian picked out a new toy at the store (a Jake and the Neverland Pirates tub toy) and then the three of us had lunch at Wegman's.  Brian said it was a "fancy lunch" because he got his very first "Kid's Meal" in his own little box.  And he ate his very first "sub sandwich," too, which he loved!  
It was a very good day.

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