Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day Thirteen...

Today marks thirteen days since I got sick.  And I am STILL not well.  Not close.  That sucks.

But - let's talk about the GREAT things that happened this weekend.  This weekend I was "Love Bombed" - a lot.  And I am so genuinely and sincerely grateful.

As I laid in bed on Saturday morning I started to feel panic creep up.  It was December 1st!  The "Elf on the Shelf" needed to arrive... Brian's birthday is on the 16th... our pumpkins and corn stalks were still outside... and here I was - trapped and feeling very overwhelmed.  I called to vent to my sister, Bean, and before I could sneeze she and the triplets - Shannon, Brendan and Claire - were in my kitchen.  The kids assembled our tree - (which is quite a task even before decorating!)...

...and added the lights.

I was so, so grateful.  And Brian and Gavin were very excited to see their awesome cousins!

And as if that weren't enough - Bean offered to attach my homemade banister garland!  These things alone lifted a HUGE burden off my shoulders.  As soon as I'm well, I'll decorate it with the boys.  I can't wait - to get well AND decorate, that is.
My Mom added to the love bombing this weekend, too.  She gave the boys the cutest "Christmas Counter-Downer" that Brian just LOVES.  The little teeny tiny boxes open up and their Elf magically puts two M&Ms in there each day.  "M's", as Brian calls them, are like gold to him so this totally makes his life complete.
My Mom also came by today to hang out so Ed could have a break - a much needed and well deserved break, I should add.  The boys had just gone down for naps, so my Mom snuggled up in bed with me and we watched a mystery and I watched her eat Cheez-Its.  It was *almost* like old times.  Ed got a haircut and time alone... the boys took fake naps in their rooms... and I had time with my Mommy.  I am definitely a Mommy's Girl.  She is my favorite person ever.

I feel awfully guilty that I have been spending more time with Brian than Gavin.  Brian loves to come up and hang in my bed - watch shows - read books - and act silly like this...
But Gavin can't be still... or trusted!  If Ed were to set him on my bed, he'd immediately crawl for the closest edge and fall right off.  And if let loose - he'd get into something that would cause me to get out of bed to rescue him - or the something he's destroying!  He is a man on a mission these days and there is no holding him back!  This is a great thing - but there are times I wish I could get him to sit with me and snuggle for a book or a show or a nap.  However... I did get a HUGE gift on Saturday night.  When Ed was taking Gavin to bed, he put him down in front of me and he gave me the sweetest, longest, gentlest hug.  Ed grabbed my phone and captured the moment...
The only thing you can't see is the big smile Ed said he wore the whole time.  That hug made me so happy!!!!

Today, Brian and I composed his letter to Santa Claus!!  
Actually, I should say - Brian dictated to me exactly what I should write.  It was hard for me not to cry...
I have also been seriously love bombed by my neighbors who, once again, are feeding us.  Well, feeding the boys.  They... and I... are SO grateful.  My neighbor, Jessica, asked if she could set it up and after a few days I realized this was more about Ed than me.  He definitely has his hands full and is doing such an amazing job.  Taking meal coordination and cooking off his plate is huge.  It's really a double edged sword for me.  It's so wonderful to be taken care of (and I really do feel so taken care of by these meals each day even though I can't eat!), it really is.  But when these women send over incredible meals, it's also a HUGE reminder to Ed  that not only am I a pretty bad cook (and a pretty infrequent one at that)... but I never do incredible things like make one of those homemade pies with the perfectly criss-crossed strips of crust like our neighbor friends, the Visnovs, did tonight.
  Seriously, I really thought you only BOUGHT those kind of pies.  I'm feeling pretty confident Ed will be crashing dinner at a different neighbor's house every night after all of this is over.

I am still sick and having awful, disgusting symptoms.  Last night my doctor and I were back and forth about whether I should return to the hospital, believe it or not.  It just looks like my body is taking longer than most to get rid of this.  It's getting very depressing - and I'm really tired of laying around and having severe abdominal pain - but I'm trying to keep a good attitude.  Thank you to everyone on Facebook for keeping me amused... and keeping me company!

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