Saturday, November 3, 2012

Welcome To The Family!...

I'm writing this from beautiful New Hampshire!!  My sister, Bean, and I drove up here for the weekend to celebrate two important events.  One is Granny's birthday, which is tomorrow!  
Happy 75th, Granny!!  We had a birthday dinner and presented her with a Keurig coffee maker.  We're so happy we could be together for this event.
 The other event was a bridal shower!  My nephew Dan is getting married this March.  I was finally able to meet his fiancee, Miranda, today and attend her shower.  

In two days, it will be a year from the day that Dan and I stood in a Chick Fil A parking lot as he told me all about this "girl named Miranda" that he really liked.  The whole family was together at that time while my Dad was in the hospital - days before his death.  

I remember looking at Dan's excited eyes and listening to his detailed story about how he met Miranda and how he fell in love with her and thought - this is just what this family will need.  The juxtaposition between losing our Dad and Grandfather...and watching young love turn into a family wedding.  It has been beautiful.

The shower was lovely!  My nieces, Emily and Hannah, came up with so many unique ideas for decorations...
 ...and fun activities.
 It was a rustic, fall theme.  Dan and Miranda are laid back and simple and the shower reflected their style. 
 And, of course, my sister Meg is the master entertainer.  She can throw a party on a moment's notice blindfolded.  Clearly this is not a genetic trait.  Either that or I was adopted.
I'm so excited for March!!  Congratulations, Dan and Miranda!  And welcome to our loving family, Miranda.

Meanwhile back in Pennsylvania... Ed, Gavin and Brian are enjoying "Boys Weekend" and having a lot of fun!  I talked to Brian moments ago and he told me, "I played a LOT, Mommy!"  And Gavin, he informed me, has been a good boy.
I'll be home tomorrow evening to hug my boys tight!  The next few days will be difficult for our family as we remember Pop.  If you have some spare positive energy, send it our way?

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