Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kids Behaving Badly...

Did you ever notice that the angels you write about on your blog, brag incessantly about at parties, and enjoy impossibly sweet "Normal Rockwell" inspired moments with at home act like HEATHENS when company arrives?


I'm trying to be fair and balanced as a Mom and lump both of my children into this category of "Kids Behaving Badly" but I think we all know who I'm referring to and his name does NOT rhyme with Blavin.

It's an interesting and annoying parenting dilemma - kids love to make liars out of us in front of others!  I totally get the psychology around it.  There's competition for the parent's attention when guests are here.  There's testing of boundaries when the child knows you likely won't discipline them in front of guests (which isn't really true for me - sorry to disappoint, kid that has a name that rhymes with Lyin'!)  Maybe there's some social anxiety with new people.  Who knows.  And in the moment when you're mortified and frustrated and trying to fend off hands in your face and "Mama Mama Mama  - look at this!  Mama Mama Mama - come this way!  Mama Mama Mama..." all while you're trying to have a conversation or simply hear your guest - you really don't care.  Actually - you are two seconds from disowning the obnoxious little person that you are SURE is now possessed with the spirit of someone ELSE'S child.  Not yours.  No way.

So, yeah.  That happened to me today.

On a lighter note - the boys are sleeping like angels and my lungs have resumed taking in and letting out air.  So now I can tell you that we had a wonderful visit from a friend we haven't seen in YEARS!  Ed's long time friend, Thea, was in town on business.  

She and her beautiful family live out in California now.  Luckily, we live in the digital age and have been able to watch each other's children grow up online.  But even so, nothing beats face to face.

This is a pretty good indication of how crazy and distracting the boys were.  Brian was causing such a scene during this photo that Gavin was flipping out a bit from the noise.  Good times.
Everyone leads such busy lives.  I always feel so honored when people take time out of their very busy schedules - or even give up precious time alone! - to visit us.  It really was an honor to spend time with Thea today and hear about her family.  

In other news, today was Gavin's first "Picture Day" at school.  Let's just say that I should have had a Valium packed in his lunchbox for Miss Sara.  The story of the photo session had me in hysterics - it sounds like it was quite a production to get Gavin to sit still... to look even remotely in the direction of the camera... and to smile.  I can't wait to see this picture!!  I can't imagine it being anything but adorable.  I mean, come on.  We're talking about Blavin.  Sorry - I mean Gavin.

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