Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Dreamed A Dream...

Look at this long, long hallway.  As Gavin's Mom - I have walked a thousand long hallways with him. Some looked like they'd never end.  Some were dark and dismal.  Some made it feel like I'd never reach that light at the far end.  But yesterday - this long, long hallway was like the yellow brick road.  It was a journey to a new beginning.  It was a symbol of how long his journey has been to get where he is today.  Yesterday was one of the highlights of my five year journey as Gavin's Mommy.
I spent yesterday morning with Gavin at school.  And he walked me down that hallway.  Yes, walked.
And then he walked me all the way back.
I've always been a champion of Gavin - and I've always believed that he'd accomplish much.  But for some reason, being there with him at school and walking with him holding his hand - it was a feeling I can't explain.  To say I never thought I'd see this day would not be true - but to say I felt like I was experiencing something I'd only dreamed of would be entirely accurate.

Getting to see everything that I have only been hearing about was wonderful.  Like circle time!  Gavin clearly listens and participates.  (All of these pictures were taken with my super stealthy spy camera - aka my iPhone - so excuse the quality)
Here's a video of him saying "hello" during the "Hello Song."  His little friend, Jamie, who was sitting next to him was so patient while waiting for him to push his "hello" button.  Gavin is all about the suspense...
He was given a choice after circle time.  Miss Megan held up a photo of the kitchen area (GENEROUSLY donated by my wonderful neighbor, Patti!!)...
...and the floor mats, which you can see behind him.  He's a smart kid.  He chose the kitchen - played there for a little bit - and then hightailed it over to the mats before playtime was over.
Seeing Miss Sara in action solidified my decision to insist that she go to school with him.  She is absolutely essential.  Gavin never has to miss out on anything... he can participate equally in everything... and he has a buddy who knows him so well.  
Miss Megan, Gavin's teacher, has done a wonderful job with the classroom.  It's bright and cheery and the layout is easy for Gavin (and all the kids!) to navigate.  He really loves her - I can tell.  And he is so happy at school - as you can see...
As I was in the principal's office signing out to leave, I told the secretary that my visit was one of the highlights of my life.  She turned her head and looked at me quizzically.  There was too much history involved for a short explanation, so I just left it at that.

But you and I both know... Gavin has come such a long way.  And truly, there is no hallway too long that I won't travel with him.  And truly, there really is no dream too big I could dream for him.  I'm so lucky to be his Mommy.

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  1. Love! It's amazing when you see anything through your child's eyes, how much better it is!!

    I'm so proud of him that I can only image how much you and Ed are!


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