Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brag Fest...

Yesterday's one year anniversary of my father's passing was a little harder than I thought it would be.... and a little easier than I thought it would be.  Like most things with me, that doesn't make sense to anyone but me.  But that's how it was - one minute okay, the next minute not.  Thank you for the kind comments on FB and personal notes.  It meant so much to be remembered - and to know that my Dad had an impact on some of you.  Even those that never met him!!

I'm really grateful to Ed.  He lost his parents young, so he's had a jump on this "losing a parent" thing.  He went out of his way to show me comfort and compassion and for the last several days has been such a great friend to me.  Thanks, Ed.

Gavin is doing so well in school - and today was no exception!  
Thursdays are a busy day for him as every therapist crams in their sessions on that day for some reason.  He sees his physical therapist, his speech therapist and his occupational therapist... in addition to his school activities!  He came home exhausted today and even took a short nap.  Sara told me that the principal was in for a visit the other day.  Gavin was all smiles during her visit and she even sang and played "Itsy Bitsy Spider" with him - totally winning him over!  When they told her that Gavin was doing a "Marathon" in Physical Therapy and showed her the awesome chart that Sara made to keep track of his progress - she came up with a plan.  She told them to let her know when Gavin is doing his final lap in his 5K... and she'll have the whole school come out and line the hallways to cheer for him.  Typing that makes me cry.  Can you just picture that long hallway FILLED with the entire school of Kindergarteners and teachers?  I will definitely be there on that day - with my camera.  And I may not even try to hide it.  What a moment that will be.

Brian is also doing really well.
His speech is improving every day. Miss Maggie, his speech therapist, has been writing to me that he's been helping and encouraging other kids during therapy!  What a switch from last year.  I've been very proud of his behavior overall at home, too.  Sure, we hear whining every now and then - and the occasional "Gavin is touching my toy/head/chair/foot/whatever" - but it's not anything I'm worried about.  He is such a loving child.  At bedtime he's been saying things like, "Mommy, you're my best friend."  Or, "I love you and Daddy and Gavin and Granny and Pop in Heaven and Sara and my teachers and my friends."  Or, "I had so much fun today. Thank you Mama." This kid is a total ego boost.

Tomorrow is Gavin's day for a LOVE BOMB!  In the morning we have our joint Dr. Trish appointment - and after that, we're going to spend the day together!  I only have three things planned so far - rides at Arnold's Family Fun Center... lunch... and picking up a castle/climber/slide that I purchased for his classroom.  Gavin is VERY easy to entertain - which puts a lot of pressure on me.  I could easily take him to the grocery store and he'd have a ball, but that doesn't seem "good enough" for a Love Bomb day.  We'll just have to play it by ear.  We'll be together - just the two of us - and that's all that matters.

This post was a total brag fest.  I can't help it.  Can you blame me?  I love being a Mom.  I really, really do.

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