Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Marathon Man...

If I haven't mentioned this before, we love Miss Sara.  She has been an extraordinary helper to me, Brian and, most importantly, the best buddy to Gavin.  Not to mention, I really enjoy hanging out with her - we laugh a lot!
Sara is a runner and likes to do marathons.  Lucky for her, I don't hold that against her.  She did her first marathon this past April.  The morning of, she posted the following photo on her Facebook page...
...and wrote this:

My inspiration for today's race -- Gavin. Every time I look down at my hand today, I'll remember all the times, especially in the past few days that he has used it to try to walk by himself or stand on his own, and just the thought of that will get me through another mile. There is no doubt in my mind that one day, with his determination, he will be running right alongside of me. 

 I know you're reaching for a tissue right now.

Fast forward to now.  Gavin is doing so well walking using his walker or holding onto our hands.  He is often seen cruising the hallway at school in his walker!  So, Miss Wendy (physical therapy) and Sara came up with the idea of tracking his progress.  When Gavin walks from his classroom down to the end of the hall and back, it's a tenth of a mile.  They are going to chart his progress until he reaches "half marathon" status.  Wendy asked Sara to come up with a creative chart, and this is what she did!
The "0429" is the date of her first marathon - the one where she wrote Gavin's name on her hand.  Full circle.  He "helped" her get through her marathon... and now she will help him.

I'll wait.  Go ahead and reach for that second tissue.

Gavin and I have been training at home with his shopping cart.  He pushes the cart while it's filled with heavy cans of Pediasure.
I'm not sure who is getting the harder workout.  Gavin - who likes to walk so fast he's about to run - or Mommy - who struggles to walk backwards videotaping and photographing and trying not to get run over!  Whew!  Take a look at how the little Marathon Man is doing...
His progress amazes me every day.

And finally, for those who may be down in the dumps or going through a tough time right now - I have a temporary remedy for you.  Last night, while I sat in bed, I listened to this on Gavin's monitor for about a half hour.
You're welcome.


  1. Oh my goodness, we have the same cart, and Evan pushes it with bottles of pediasure in it. One day Gavin and Evan will truly be the best of buddies. I am sure of it. xoxo

  2. I have my Garrett on monitor as well. We just have to with our little low tone guys! That giggle is way too precious. Thank you for sharing it with us!


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