Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our New Addition...

Before you start reading today's journal entry - I want you to know that I am very well aware that what I'm about to tell you is not entirely "normal."

We now have a playground in our living room.
Isn't that AWESOME??  I can't even stand it - I'm so excited about this.  Does it take up much of the room?  Yep.  Does it look very "unfancy" in our "formal living room?"  TOTALLY!  Do I care?  NOT!!
Remember the day when (no offense, Mom) you didn't dare step into the formal living room or dining room?  It was a room that was barely used - reserved for "fancy folk" that came over.  Although in our house it was the PRIME spot to hide the rare box of Captain Crunch that came into the house.  If my brother, Mike, or I got to it first - we would hide it under the living room couch.  Brilliant, right?  But I digress...

Having a playground in our living room feels like the ultimate form of rebellion. HELLZ YEAH! (Especially when you're playing in your undies!) 
Gavin and Brian love it.  Well, let me rephrase.  Brian really loves it.  A lot.  Gavin is still getting used to it and trying to figure out how to climb up onto it.  He really loves the slide - and it's adorable to see Brian encouraging him from the bottom.  "Come on, Gavin!  Slide down, Gavin!  You can do it, Gavin!"
I really do think this will be great therapy for him.  He loves to climb on things and this has three different ways to get up.  The rock wall, a "ladder," and a net.
I also think it will be a wonderful winter time activity.  Brian can build forts underneath the entire toy!

The best thing?  If this bores them by Springtime - I can resell it in the Spring Just Between Friend's Sale.  The family I bought this from only used it inside their house (we must have been separated at birth) so it's practically new looking!  It will resell very well.

But in the meantime - we plan to have lots of fun climbing and sliding!!
Does this qualify me for Mommy of the Month?


  1. Of course u get first plAce

  2. You are AWESOME! My kids had a smaller version of a climber slide thing, that was in their bedrooms when they were young, but i only pulled it to the living room every once in a while. You are definately cooler than me, lol
    You're an aweswome Mommy, and making memories that they will never forget!


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