Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Not All Treasure is Silver and Gold...

I introduce to you my two Halloween treasures...
Captain Long Legged Gavin who's motto is...
"The Rougher the seas, the smoother I sail.  Yo Ho!"
He may look like a nice pirate, but beware.
 Turn your back and he'll steal your lady.
And then there's Captain Jolly Belly Brian.
His motto?
"I give the orders on this deck, me bucko!"
"Now go find a hat that fits Captain Long Legged Gavin's head or you'll walk the plank, Mommy."

And that concludes our Halloween.  No, seriously, we're done with Halloween!  I have yet to take the boys out for traditional "Trick or Treating."  I just think they're too young - for the door to door AND the candy.  Obviously, Gavin can't eat it - but I don't want Brian to be eating it (or asking for it) yet.  But have no fear - they had lots of costume fun!

Last week, we attended our neighborhood's Halloween Party and they both had loads of fun with kids from the 'hood.
Brian ran around playing the "Amazing Pumpkin Race" with his assigned team and did a great job!
One of the "pit stops" was to eat a donut off a string without using his hands...
He may or may not have cheated.
But you don't confront a pirate about such things.
Gavin was content in his stroller and even made a friend in his neighbor, Annelliot!
And he "talked" the entire time we were there.
He even spilled where he hides his treasure!
  But I'll never tell.

I think this is the last year I will "get away" with not taking the boys for that "door to door candy collection."  They have been blissfully unaware that they've missed out on anything and that's fine with me!  The parties and the dress up and the treats have been a lot of fun for them!  So they will be off to bed early before the doorbell starts ringing.  Don't report me to Child Protective Services if you know what's good for you.  I have two Pirates on the payroll here.  And they're not afraid to use that rubber sword.  Arrghh.

Happy Halloween!!

ps... do not miss tomorrow's journal.  It will be a Halloween treat from Gavin to all of you.


  1. This whole post made me smile. The kids look wonderful! Amanda (friends with Julie Rosser)

  2. You have a beautiful family. God bless.

    And I guess the little kid has now got his first girlfriend :-D


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